Mind Your Own Beeswax

Privacy is hard to find these days. With phones recording everything, with cameras in every store, on every corner, and with everybody knowing every bodies business ... it’s tough. And while we are to be looking out for others, helping people o need, seeking biblical justice, where do we draw the line as to avoid... Continue Reading →

Three Simple Questions

I said it. You probably said it. It was a crazy thing to say to tempt fate. May we never say again, “I’m so glad it’s 2021, for it can’t be any worse than 2020!” And then Wednesday happened. Three Kings Day, Epiphany, the end of the 12 Days of Christmas, and now ... the... Continue Reading →

Incite, Inspire … Words have Power

Yesterday, I wrote about being a battle hardened warrior. And in light of the events surrounding the Washington chaos (1/6/20), I wonder if I would reword any of the article. Words have power. Some great words of wisdom once were written to show how serious words are ... Death and Life are in the power... Continue Reading →

Plexiglas, Politics, and Pews

It has begun. A new congress has been sworn in. Reports of shouting matches taking place between opposing side’s staffers. Pelosi has been chosen Speaker of the House for the 4th time. Controversial issues have already started to make their way through news outlets ... such as impeachment talks (again), election chaos, and an awkward... Continue Reading →

What Defines You?

He was a mighty warrior. General of the entire army. Had the respect and favor of the king. People feared him. The Lord blessed him in victory over his enemies. He was the Alpha Male of his day. He had it all. But ... Yes, there is a but. This man was a leper. In... Continue Reading →

The Great Adventure … Life

Your alarm goes off. It’s time to start another day. It feels like you just put put your head on the pillow. Time disappeared. It’s as if the 6 hours you called last night’s sleep really was 6 minutes. You’re in the room waiting for the doctor. It seems to take forever. Time has slowed... Continue Reading →

The Last Word

Are you one of those who has to get in the last word? Maybe you do it subconsciously, but you still do it. Or, maybe you really get annoyed at people who try to get the last word in. You know the type ... maybe you’re even in a relationship with one and it drives.you.crazy.... Continue Reading →

Start Something New

As I write this, we are on the precipice of a new year. 2020 is almost over. Very few people are going to miss it. And as we move forward, the challenges will still be there. The responsibilities are not going away. We still have bills to pay, aches in our knees, car noises from... Continue Reading →

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