Lessons from the Location

I have worshipped in some very diverse places - beautiful sanctuaries with stained glass, old wooden churches, on mountain tops, at the beach, convention centers, the National Mall in Washington DC, even the old RFK stadium in the same city. And in each place, I am reminded how the setting helped me see something about… Continue reading Lessons from the Location

Brady & Gronk & Tyler Johnson

What? Who is that third person? Tyler Johnson - Most of us have not heard of Tyler Johnson. Let me give a little info. Drafted this year in the NFL. He was a high school quarterback turned collegiate wide receiver at Minnesota. He stayed all four years and was the Outback Bowl’s MVP against Auburn.… Continue reading Brady & Gronk & Tyler Johnson

Small Town – Big Hearts – a Parade for the Pastor

So my wife is keeping secrets from me. Fortunately, they are not the bad kind of secrets. It was the birthday kind. And more. Apparently the church was conspiring. In the middle of of the COVID chaos, the congregation was planning a parade of appreciation. Through a secret Facebook page and event, they coordinated a… Continue reading Small Town – Big Hearts – a Parade for the Pastor

Life is Not Fair – Get Used to It

Life is not fair. People who deserve punishment get away with it. Criminals get off. And sometimes, good men and women go to jail. And in this world, good people often get undeserving scorn and contempt. Bad things happen to good people. Life is not fair. When in was in high school, I lettered in… Continue reading Life is Not Fair – Get Used to It

One Foot In – So Close but Not Yet

Are you ready? Is the excitement building? This should not be a normal time. It was that trip almost every parent takes - the college road trip to visit campuses. So in the fall several years ago, we loaded the car and headed to Texas. We took our son to the University of Texas (Austin)… Continue reading One Foot In – So Close but Not Yet

Living in His Shade, and That’s Cool

Life’s not an easy journey. There are dangers and snares all around. For my wife, the dangers are spiders (everyone is a black widow mixed with brown recluse DNA), snakes (all poisonous no matter what), and killer hornets everywhere. As a moderate hiker, I know first hand of dangers from animals, perilous trail conditions, weather,… Continue reading Living in His Shade, and That’s Cool