C.S. Lewis or J.K. Rowling?

There is an interesting kinship between these two authors' works. Children gathered at a place in the country away from family, and they are the characters the epics encircle. Seven volumes to each author's work. British authors at that. A battle between good and evil. A fantasy world connected but separate from the world we… Continue reading C.S. Lewis or J.K. Rowling?

Adjusting to the Technologically Challenged (or, this is for my mother)

Technology is amazing. With our phones we carry maps, Bibles, internet access, news reports in an instant, thousands of songs and videos, thousands of picture to place on social media outlets, teaching and preaching series, watch TV and movies, keep a datebook, have phonebooks, entire library collections, calculators, and of course, candy crush (or whatever… Continue reading Adjusting to the Technologically Challenged (or, this is for my mother)

Sacrifice Musicians Because of Silly Love Songs?

It happened at age 14. The song stuck and it’s in my head all the time. They say that ones favorite music style is set around age 14. In that year, it was Paul McCartney and Wing’s Silly Love Song. The opening lines ... You'd think that people would have enough of silly love song.… Continue reading Sacrifice Musicians Because of Silly Love Songs?