Why Does God Even Care?

Today I just want to share a quick Thursday Thought. Give me two minutes and you might just be encouraged all day long. As I’m reading through Unshakable Hope, the author profoundly challenges the reader not just to know the promises of God, but live our life based on the promises. And based off James… Continue reading Why Does God Even Care?

Shout It Out … a picture that declares an allegiance

It had been way too long. It took two years at my present position to reach this point, and I wish it had come sooner. True, delays by the Coronavirus were a factor. Yes, another option surfaced a few months ago, and we outsourced the location. But, last Sunday was the first time in two… Continue reading Shout It Out … a picture that declares an allegiance

Youth are Looking for Purpose and Hope … Jesus Offers them Both

Recently, ... “Barna Group researchers revealed that they believe that the 2020 Pandemic will accelerate a loss of faith among the next generation. It seems that we are in a season where youth need to be pursued more than ever by today’s church ...” This was in the opening section of an exclusive interview with… Continue reading Youth are Looking for Purpose and Hope … Jesus Offers them Both

Vile Figs and More on a Monday Morning

I cursed my city. I cursed them with vile figs. I found this great graphic. You can see all their ‘vile figs’ products here. I started with the best of intentions. But we know what road is paved with those, don’t we? I had planned and prepared for our group to show we care for… Continue reading Vile Figs and More on a Monday Morning


Organized sports. I see them everywhere. Kids are thrust into them from an early age. Tiny Teeball, youth leagues, travel sports, community competitions, and more. And while these have their place, I prefer the wackiness and wildness of Calvinball. Calvinball was my kind of game growing up. It is a game invented by the comic… Continue reading Calvinball

Stealing the Show … Photo Bombs

Stealing the Show. We’ve all experienced it. Maybe you’ve even done it. You think it’s about you. You plan, and prepare, and put it all together ... but along comes something or someone that steals the show. You can easily search the web and find multiple examples of celebrities stealing the show. From photobombs ...… Continue reading Stealing the Show … Photo Bombs

Piney Mountain, Appomattox – Fire Tower Road

When is a mountain not really a mountain? Appomattox is in some rolling hills, the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountain range. The closet peak is about an hour west. So why didn’t I know there was a Piney Mountain right here in Appomattox county. Well, as I arrived on site, I realize Piney Mountain… Continue reading Piney Mountain, Appomattox – Fire Tower Road