Sheer Thursday – Holy Week Minute 4

Foot washing - I once heard a story about a little boy that put soot in his granny’s sock on foot washing day. Hilarious, but on sure he paid for it later. On this day, we recognize the preparation and taking of the last supper, foot washing, the upper room discourse, Judas departs, singing, and… Continue reading Sheer Thursday – Holy Week Minute 4

Spy Wednesday – Holy Week Hump Day

Three days before the cross. A day that many traditions recognize the “spy” amongst the disciples - Judas. Just the name brings sadness, scorn, shivers and shaking of heads. We ask how anyone could have been so close to Jesus and do such abominable acts. Did he do it out of jealousy? Out of a… Continue reading Spy Wednesday – Holy Week Hump Day

Two Minute Tuesday – Holy Week

It was just two days after Jesus had been greeted by cheers shouted, palms waved, and praises lifted. It didn’t take long for the religious leaders to confront Jesus as they were trying to manipulate Him, to test Him with questions in an attempt to challenge His authority. And little has changed, for today we… Continue reading Two Minute Tuesday – Holy Week

Worship Where You Are

Keeping it simple this Friday. No matter where you are, you can worship God. Stuck in a flat alone - worship. In a country ranch with kids driving you crazy - sing praises. Quarantined in a retirement village - give thanks. In front of an empty sanctuary - extol His name. Walking in the woods… Continue reading Worship Where You Are

Broken Down Walls Hidden in the Woods

The aromas and sights still fill my memories ... sawdust, wood varnish, dusty old furniture stacked on top of each other, cast aside junky furniture, yard sale rejects ... all waiting for the touch of my grandfather’s masterful hands so they can be made into pieces of furniture that would once again be used. I… Continue reading Broken Down Walls Hidden in the Woods

Somedays, Life is More of a Crawl than a Walk

This week is gearing up to be all about lessons learned while hiking. Not all these lessons came easy. One of the toughest (most physically stressful hikes) I ever did was along a very popular trail - the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon. The trail itself wasn’t too difficult. I’ve done more difficult.… Continue reading Somedays, Life is More of a Crawl than a Walk