Why the name, “Muddy Shoes”?

THIS IS THE VERY FIRST ENTRY ... Left at the top to explain the title. A new blog.  Fresh perspectives. Why the name, “Muddy Shoes”? First, it has been said that we should never talk about someone unless we have walked a mile in their shoes.  We should try to see the world from their … Continue reading Why the name, “Muddy Shoes”?

He Wants To Be A Farmer

They are at the start of their life of adulthood. They have many roads to choose from when it comes to vocation. Some options I would not have imagined years ago ... iOS developer, computer vision engineer, and so many medical specialist. Even in my field, church/ministry, it seems specialization fields are being defined regularly … Continue reading He Wants To Be A Farmer

Are You Getting Ready? He Is

It’s coming, you can’t stop it, it’s going to be here ready or not. And good intentions will not please those who are filled with expectations. Sometimes we know when ‘it’ is arriving (whatever ‘it’ is). Sometimes we don’t and the wait seems forever and we lose hope. Christmas is 21 days away. People still … Continue reading Are You Getting Ready? He Is

God Is Never Late

Silence. No prophets has risen for over 400 years. That’s about the same time length since my home state commonwealth was originally a colony. That’s a long time. Had God abandoned His people? The people were oppressed and life seemed gloomy. They longed for rescue. They waited. And they wondered. While God rarely arrives at … Continue reading God Is Never Late

First Church of the Ice Rink

The town is a landmark. One of the oldest in America. It is one third of the Historic Triangle which is completed by Yorktown and Jamestown. At the heart of the town is a living museum/historic district where travelers can immerse themselves in colonial times with actors, exhibits, and more. Colonial Williamsburg. We ventured there … Continue reading First Church of the Ice Rink

Can You Handle the Weight?

We’re getting a shelf. Not just any shelf ... an Eclipse grey with grey streaks hand cut, molded, and trimmed to perfection piece of quartz. It’s not too big. Only 60 inches by 17 inches. But don’t let the little size fool you ... it’ll be pretty heavy. They say 25 pounds per square foot … Continue reading Can You Handle the Weight?

Thanksgiving comes before Christmas

A best selling author once challenged a group with the thought that when we forget to express our gratitude, a sense of entitlement will easily creep into our lives. And when that attitude gets a foothold, we become less generous (a nice way of saying we get a bit selfish). Maybe it’s not a coincidence … Continue reading Thanksgiving comes before Christmas