Why the name, “Muddy Shoes”?

THIS IS THE VERY FIRST ENTRY ... Left at the top to explain the title. A new blog.  Fresh perspectives. Why the name, “Muddy Shoes”? First, it has been said that we should never talk about someone unless we have walked a mile in their shoes.  We should try to see the world from their … Continue reading Why the name, “Muddy Shoes”?

Okay, Boomer … get your space right!

I get it, I am a Boomer (barely, on the younger end). I do connect better with Gen X, but act more like a Millennial or even a toddler. But there are a few things I do that people can roll their eyes at or even say, “Okay, Boomer.” One of those is double spacing … Continue reading Okay, Boomer … get your space right!

5 Paths to Reach the Nones

Nones ... that part of our society that when asked what religious affiliation they have, they say, ‘none’. That’s 26% of Americans and 40% of Millennials. This area has been covered ad infinitum. But Bishop Barron, while in Baltimore before other bishops, presented 5 paths that would be useful to reach this part of our … Continue reading 5 Paths to Reach the Nones

100K with 43 for WW

Today is Veterans Day. And I personally think we don’t do enough to honor those who’ve served our country. So I want to share two stories. First. A Bike ride with President George W Bush. To be clear, I misunderstood this. I initially read about the 100K trail bike event over three days. I pondered … Continue reading 100K with 43 for WW

What if ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ rated your worship?

Movies. I love them. Action, Drama, SciFi, Classics, Dramatic Thrillers, Animated, and maybe even an occasional RomCom. Okay, RomComs only if my lovely wants to go. Since I came to rural VA, I have not gone to the cinema as much as I did in Dallas. But this weekend, I do want to see Midway. … Continue reading What if ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ rated your worship?

A Man That Drives Off Shame and Humiliation

Let me tell you from the very start ... you are not the center of the universe. You have messed up, you are broken, and you deserve shame and humiliation. The world does not revolve around you. Nor does it revolve around me. Now that you have been encouraged for the day, let me give … Continue reading A Man That Drives Off Shame and Humiliation

Election Perspective Slapped Around

I voted. Drove to the county site, waited in line, and tried to make a joke to the elector official. She said please say your full name, so I said, “Your full name.” She said correct, say your full name. So again, I said, “Your full name.” She stared at me with a blank expression. … Continue reading Election Perspective Slapped Around

Using the Law to a Get Way With Doing Wrong

It is a tragedy. A cultural permission slip that has been used for people to get away with statutory rape. Beware. This issue is sensitive but it is one that too many people do exactly the same thing, but maybe less in intensity. I am talking about adults who commit statutory rape, but then marry … Continue reading Using the Law to a Get Way With Doing Wrong