Why the name, “Muddy Shoes”?

THIS IS THE VERY FIRST ENTRY ... Left at the top to explain the title. A new blog.  Fresh perspectives. Why the name, “Muddy Shoes”? First, it has been said that we should never talk about someone unless we have walked a mile in their shoes.  We should try to see the world from their... Continue Reading →

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Looking into God’s Word

It’s like looking into a mirror. The question is what do you do once you look into that mirror. But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks intently at his natural... Continue Reading →

A 5-Year Plan to Sinify the Church

It’s real. It’s going on. And the government may be winning some battles. But know this, they will lose the war. I’m not talking my home country ... though America should take notice. I’m referring to China’s Communist Party’s plan to rid their country of any non-Chinese, non-Communist ideology. And I would probably guess they... Continue Reading →

PastorDude Podcast #10 – Five Questions

These five questions will determine if you can 'steal' or 'seal' your hope. Listen and answer these questions. If you need help with anything in life, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to share and pray with you. To listen to the podcast, click here - are the graphic below. (7min25sec)

Life Delights in Life

The Sinners Bible. Have you heard of it? There was a very early printing of the Bible in English. One mistake. One simple word. They left the three letter word “not” out. It wasn’t so much they left the word out, it was where they left it out. It was in one of the Ten... Continue Reading →

PastorDude Podcast #9 – Worship in the Darkness

When life is easy, worship seems to just come natural. But what happens when life is hard, when times are difficult, and everything seems dark? Worship in the dark changes things. Click here to listen to this week's podcast - just under 6min. Or just click the graphic to open the media player to listen.

New Schedule for Muddy Shoes

Life is always in transition. Nothing stays the same. And such is the role I am heading in this endeavor. Mondays and Fridays ... the regular witty and insightful tomes you have come to love. Wednesdays ... PastorDude’s Podcast (a MuddyShoes Production). Enlightenment for your ears. So .... Three times a week - with occasional... Continue Reading →


I do not know where I got this. But for the past month, it has been on the podium where my sermon notes always sit. As I roamed the stage, exhaling brilliant thoughts of the kerygma, exhibiting profoundness in the kerusso through homiletical expertise being proclaimed - this list was before me ... Your encouragement... Continue Reading →

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