The Troops of Elves Showed Up

Shopping. I spent much of the past week shopping online, going from store to store, and looking for deals on lights, trees, displays, and the normal hodgepodge of Christmas paraphernalia. My entryway looks an Amazon truck had a major crash and dumped everything in one spot. It’s not for me. It’s for our community light… Continue reading The Troops of Elves Showed Up

Click … #3 of 3 … The remote is listening! Or we?

Life should come with a remote. Or should it? One of the newest additions is voice activated remote controls. It’s not really new. I remember being the voice command remote control every time my dad or older siblings “commanded” me to get up and change the channel. Or adjust the rabbit ears. Or up the… Continue reading Click … #3 of 3 … The remote is listening! Or we?

Click It … #2 of 3 … Mute Me, I Dare Ya

Life should come with a remote control. Think about how this would be so wonderful. And yet, so horrifying. Take an imaginary journey with me. Your strolling along in life and things are going smoothly. But then, bam. You blow it by saying something stupid, by rolling your eyes and your wife catches you, you… Continue reading Click It … #2 of 3 … Mute Me, I Dare Ya

He Influenced Generations

One of the most influential evangelical theologians of the last hundred years was JI Packer. Prolific writer, deep thinker, and powerful communicator ... Packer’s works changed my life. So today, I’d like to share some quotes from his works. A little knowledge of God is worth more than a great deal of knowledge about him.Disregard… Continue reading He Influenced Generations

This Changed Me – Forever

We are on a journey. A wonderful journey called life. And though we alone are responsible in how we handle our trek, we seldom walk alone. There are those who walk with us through certain legs of our journey. Those who try to encourage and equip us for the journey. Maybe those who push us… Continue reading This Changed Me – Forever