SBC18 – Day One

First was the Crossover events, including Harvest America. The report gives over 2500 decisions for Christ. PTL! The Pastor’s Conference is over – and WOW! Some great sermons. With the theme ‘Fulfill Your Ministry’, the eclectic collection of homiletical masters challenged and inspired listeners live and online. Basically the challenge was to look past the problems, don’t get caught it the weeds, keep our eyes on the Lord and where He wants to take us, preach the unfailing Word of God, and let the world see our fruit.

Day one of the SBC is in the bag – and one more to go. And yes, there are some (as Baptist Press puts it) perplexing and potentially divisive issues. But we worship a God that is bigger than anything this world, or even ourselves, throws out there. During his presidential address, Steve Gaines delivered a message on four supernatural characteristics of God — His promises, protection, power and provisions — that can bring harmony and, more importantly, help the SBC fulfill its Gospel mission.

Think of these …

  • Promises … He is faithful, He who began the work in us, our churches, and the convention, will complete it. What promises does you need to claim?
  • Protection … He goes before us, He is behind us, He never leaves nor forsakes. There is nothing that can come against us without His permission.
  • Power … He still moves mountains, and His supernatural power is greater than any problem our convention, our churches, or ourselves may have.
  • Provisions … He has given us His Word, His Spirit, and everything we need.

Think about this, no matter our problems, our perplexing issues, the bad press, the misunderstandings – nothing – nothing – is bigger than our Big, Awesome, Spectacular, Sovereign Lord.

Gaines — who said many Christians are more focused on their resources than their true source of joy and comfort — closed his message by challenging messengers to spread the hope and joy of the Gospel into their everyday lives.

“I believe one of the greatest things we could walk out of here with in a few days is to tell the world that God is still on His throne,” Gaines said. “I believe there is a supernatural God. And I thank God that the hero of our Bible is not dead.”

WOW – and that was only day one. What has God gotten in store for Wednesday?”

See the Baptist Press Article here






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