Jump Rock Trail Highlights

It started in the dark, early hours of the morning. I headed out towards Goshen Natural Preserve. A trail called Jump Rock. But the beauty hit me even before I got there. Once off I-64, I traveled the back roads. Splendid farms, rolling hills, cows, and the sun breaking over the mountain tops. Then I … Continue reading Jump Rock Trail Highlights

Who Schooled Whom?

How was your worship this weekend? How did God challenge you, transform you, encourage you? In my little corner of the world, we had a great Sunday. Some of the exciting events were about various families celebrating. We celebrated the birth a new child (and I got the name right, a double blessing if you … Continue reading Who Schooled Whom?

Friggatriskaidekaphobia … Shaking in My Boots

friggatriskaidekaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia. Do you have this syndrome? They mean the same. The first is Norse, the second is Greek. They both mean ... Friday-thirteen-fear! Yes. That eerie day where dark omens appear, black cats roam, and things go bump in the night. No one knows where it got it's origin of its connection to … Continue reading Friggatriskaidekaphobia … Shaking in My Boots

Wardrobe Malfunction .. or .. Ridiculous Journalism

9-11 ... a day Americans will always remember. I remember where I was. And I remember the emotional roller coaster in the immediate days that followed. I remember the crowded churches that weekend. And I remember that America was more united than it had been in a long time before and since. And every year, … Continue reading Wardrobe Malfunction .. or .. Ridiculous Journalism