He Influenced Generations

One of the most influential evangelical theologians of the last hundred years was JI Packer. Prolific writer, deep thinker, and powerful communicator ... Packer’s works changed my life. So today, I’d like to share some quotes from his works. A little knowledge of God is worth more than a great deal of knowledge about him.Disregard… Continue reading He Influenced Generations

This Changed Me – Forever

We are on a journey. A wonderful journey called life. And though we alone are responsible in how we handle our trek, we seldom walk alone. There are those who walk with us through certain legs of our journey. Those who try to encourage and equip us for the journey. Maybe those who push us… Continue reading This Changed Me – Forever

Spend a Little Time with the Opposition

Red - Blue. Left - Right. Christian - Secular. ProLife - ProChoice. FaceBook - Parlor. Coke - Pepsi. Granny Bees - Rail Yard. We find a lot of reasons to separate ourselves, reasons to divide. Our culture already is preparing to punish those that oppose the agenda of whatever side has affluence. We are in… Continue reading Spend a Little Time with the Opposition

They Served – They Cared – And May Ever Be Appreciated

He was young. Not too long out of high school. And he received a letter. Uncle Sam wants you. The draft. The US Army had called his number. It was the 50s and the Korean conflict was in full swing. I’m not sure everything he did, but I do know a few things. He called… Continue reading They Served – They Cared – And May Ever Be Appreciated

Craziness … our world or the directions?

I’ve often wondered about life. So I’ve got a question y’all can help me with. Are we living with “Crazy Directions in a Normal World ... or ... Normal Directions in a Crazy World?” Yesterday, I was honored to deliver some gifts to a family expecting a new child. So excited to know they had… Continue reading Craziness … our world or the directions?