The Mississippi Flag & Jehovah Nissi

There are a lot of people and principles and things on the ballot this November. Trump vs Biden is but one choice before us. One interesting decision being made in the 20th state of our union is the approval/disapproval of a new state flag design. In removing the Confederate symbol, the proposed flag has 20… Continue reading The Mississippi Flag & Jehovah Nissi

S’mores to Control Passions – Thanks to Rev. Sylvester G

Our world has lots of troubles. I don’t think any sane person would argue that. And many of these issues date back for, well since mankind has been around. And some of these battles we face are inward battles - uncontrollable passions. And in these ever lasting battles for overcoming greed, lust, unwanted and uncontrollable… Continue reading S’mores to Control Passions – Thanks to Rev. Sylvester G

Disagreements don’t have to be warfare

It’s the week of the RNC, so let’s talk elephants (but not politics.) The elephant is a majestic creature. They’ve been around awhile and have been domesticated in some ways to be used in industry, entertainment, warfare and more. Did you know that it is females that are mostly trained because male elephants don’t really… Continue reading Disagreements don’t have to be warfare