A Great Week – The Family Grows

What a great week. Powerful Preaching – Thousands Saved – Important Conversations – Great Commission Focus – And More. Met some great ministers and wives at the hotel. Got a contact from a church for aa potential pastoral position (too early for details, but prayers appreciated). Calvin took me to lunch for an early Father’s Day outing (AND HE PAID!!!)

But not all was rosy – I really messed up at times too. Once was at the food place where I work. The lemonade dispenser was stuck and when I tried to fix, I broke the handle and it just started pouring out. I mean really pouring out. Sticky sugar and lemonade everywhere. Now, I know I wasn’t the first for the shift leader said they had five broken dispensers in storage.

Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.

But when all is said and done – the only thing I listed that really matters is the celebration of thousands coming to know Christ as their Lord and Savior. Nothing else really comes close. Yes, important business – yes, important strides in dealing with delicate issues – yes, Southern Baptist took great strides moving forward – yes, lots of stuff happened – – But NO, none of that comes close to thousands now in the family of God for eternity.   The family has grown – we have more spiritual brothers and sisters.  PTL.

But when all is said and done – the only thing I listed that really matters is the celebration of thousand coming to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

As far as my blog, I introduced you, my readers, to some insight from some of our Baptist leaders – Steve Gaines, JD Greear, Thom Rainer, and more. This small snapshot should make you excited to be part of what God is doing in and through the Southern Baptist. And I believe He is not done – with the fresh call for repentance, humility, and hope in His great grace – we can move forward in great Kingdom work.

I close the week with this link to an interesting YouTube clip produced a while back by some from Summit Church (JD’s church in Durham). Now, I did read some people were a bit distraught over it – thinking it is frivolous – but in this world full of sobering and serious news stories – we sometimes we need to step back, relax, and just have some fun. See the video as fun. And while you watch it, test your current Baptist knowledge and see whom you recognize.

Enjoy …







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