First Baptist Dallas & Me

On July 29, First Baptist Dallas hits 150 years old – way to go FBCDallas

It was a month before my senior year in high school and my dad ripped me up from Charlotte NC and moved me to Dallas. We lived in the church’s bunkhouse at Mt Lebanon for about a month before we got our house. I started Kimball High School. My brothers went to Criswell College. And I got my first job in Dallas at The First Baptist Dallas Recreational Ministry – I washed towels, cleaned the locker rooms, ran the skating rink, and more. That was my first exposure to FBC Dallas. We went to church at Grace Temple Baptist in Oak Cliff where father pastored.

Years later, I joined FBC Dallas and shook WA Criswell’s (he said it was a requirement for entrance to heaven) – he was friends with my father and knew my brothers (one of which was on staff there). I later left FBC to go serve at a sister church.

Time passes – I finish my PhD class/instruction requirements at Southeastern and return to Dallas, and we joined FBC Dallas again – under Mac Brunson. Calvin was so blessed by their kids ministry.

On July 29, First Dallas hits 150 years old – way to go FBCD

Through the years at First Dallas, I had sat under OS Hawkins, Joel Gregory, WA Criswell, and now, Pastor Jeffrey’s. I can say FBC Dallas has been a major part of my Christian story and church life.

Lisa has her own story when she first went to FBC Dallas. She was just a newborn and her parents dropped her off at the nursery. Lisa cried so much that they eventually gave her back to Alfred and Carolyn and said do not return till that kid stops crying. True story, names have been changed to prote,…. nope, real names.

All this to say, congratulations to a Church that has meant so much to our family. When you grow up in the pastors home, and have spent most of my adult life as a pastor/staff member, having a church like First Dallas to be a part of one’s life is special.

On July 29, 2018, First Dallas hits 150 years old – way to go FBCD. May God continue to bless in you and through you … and I am thrilled you’ve been a part of my life. I hope to be there this Sunday for the big hoopla’s events.

Be blessed

See more about FBCDallas and their story here







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