Renew Your Mind – It’ll Change Your Life

Our life will move in the direction of our strongest thought … Craig Groeschel

You want your life to change? You want transformation? Romans 12.2 tells us we can have transformation – a metamorphosis of nature (like a caterpillar to a butterfly or an acorn to mighty oak tree. This transformation doesn’t change our identity – but changes our nature. This change is ‘cooperative command’ – as we respond by submission, the Lord does the changing in us.

How do we submit – by renewing our mind. Change happens from the inside out. we don renew our actions – but actions will be changed when we renew our minds

Our life will move in the direction of our strongest thought.

How do we renew our mind? It starts with repentance The word repentance means to change direction, or specifically, change of mind or change of heart.

But how? Let me give an example of renewing. My brother put a bid on the house, a house that had just been done in means to flip it. The bid was accepted but the inspection gave a theme problem. Yes, much of the house was new hardware, fresh paint, updated everything. But the inspection showed the foundation and much of woodwork beneath the house was rotted and infested. To renew means to bring in HGTV crew, and do a make over – renew it., restore it, make it better than new.

You determine the toxic and negative thoughts – you give them to the Lord, confessing the thoughts. You name the Biblical truth that counters the lies, the toxic thoughts, the negative. You claim the truth of the word. And you believe God will deliver you.

This is not filling your mind with good thoughts – positive thinking. This is filling you mind with God thoughts. How does He see the world? What truths in the Bible speak to this?

So write the truths down, confess the need, and claim the Truths of the Word.

Our life will move in the direction of our strongest thought.

So let your thoughts be centered on the Word, centered on His grace and love, and centered on Christ.

Renew your mind this way – expect transformation of our life. WOW.

That’s what I want. Do you?





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