A Muddy, Hurt Little Boy

Rejected. Denied. Disqualified. Turned away.

I went to a lot of effort to do everything right. I knew my relocation to a different state just weeks before an election would mean I had to vote by absentee ballot. I talked to the county and state election officials before I left. I got all the right information and requested the correct forms. Filled them out, sent the mail back by registered priority mail, and watched the election results in anticipation. I even encouraged my family members to take the time to get out and vote in person, since they were still in Texas.

Yesterday, I received a letter that said my ballot was disqualified. The signature on the ballot and the envelope did not match. What?

I never heard how some of the local races ended up, but I guess I can rest in knowing that candidates in the national races mostly went to the way my ballot was marked. Mostly, I guess.

I’ve been rejected before … a lot. Jobs, schools, paper proposals, ideas I envisioned at churches, and relationships. I have had projects collapse without any outside reasons – just ideas that weren’t at the right time or with the right planning or just bad ideas. I’m okay with that. Well, I’m okay now. Hearing “no” or “we don’t want you” does kind of sting.

I am not saying I am entitled to always getting my way … heavens no. But egos do take hits, self images can be harmed, and mojos can be crippled. I guess the question here is where do we turn in these times?

I have a vision on in my mind of a muddy, bloody, bruised, and messy little boy who needs a hug. Most people would encourage him, help him, and even try to clean him up. But his parents would do those things but also would not hesitate to embrace him, hug him, love him, and do whatever – even if it meant getting the mud and blood on themselves. Parents will reject the mud, clean the blood, and tend the wounds … but they always love and accept the child.

A muddy, hurt little boy … is me

My philosophy of Muddy Shoes is more than just Shoes. Life gets messy. Rejections and hurts happen. But our Father is always there. The Comforter embraces and brings peace, cleansing, and healing. Again, God is not loving and embracing our decisions, our rebellion, or our times of waywardness that move us away from His ways … He is embracing us.

For those that are His … Nothing can separate us from the love of God – nothing. Let me say that again – NOTHING. Yes, all caps because I am yelling it to the world. My messiness, my busy-ness, My hurts, my mistakes.

If you have times of rejection, being denied, or brokenness … God loves you. May you know that today and everyday.

See you back tomorrow … todd






3 responses to “A Muddy, Hurt Little Boy”

  1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

    Your philosophy of Muddy Shoes is right on target. Really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you.

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    1. Todd K Estes Avatar

      Thank you for the kind words.

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      1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

        I think many people can relate to your words “rejection, being denied, or brokenness.” These things need the kind of healing the world system can’t provide, only Jesus can. When considering all of the ways I have tried to get healing from rejection and brokenness, I think about how they all made my “muddy shoes” just get more and more muddy. It’s an image that works for me. Thank again!

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