This Snowman Has the Last Laugh

It is unusual when Fox News and USA Today have an article and they agree. But this morning I was delighted as I perused the headlines and saw this little tidbit in both. I am sure it will hit the social media 15 minutes of fame soon, but I can’t let the Biblical lesson go by.

We reap what we sow.

It took place in Kentucky. Cody Lutz, and soon to be wife and sister-in-law, were delighted with this recent deep snow, a snow not normally seen. So they decided to take advantage of it and they built a towering snowman. It was twice their height and had a huge smile. They named him, Hugh J Snowman. They took pride in their effort, took selfies, posted to social media, and went to sleep protected by their new friend just outside the house.

But Monday morning showed a different picture. During the night, some unknown villain in this story, thought it would be a delight to plow through Hugh and watch snow be flung in a Hollywood type stunt. But it did not end in the way they planned.

The plot twist is the three delightful creators had used a good size tree trunk as the base. So instead of snow exploding from a drive through, the driver met an immovable object. All he did was dent the snow and probably a dent or two to his vehicle. Hugh remained with his taunting smile still there.

So where does this lead us?

It’s that time again. Let’s spin the Wheel of Morality and see what our lesson is. (FYI – an Animaniacs’ reference). The lesson, you reap what you sow. (Want deeper, go here).

Now I often plow ahead and don’t always think of consequences. I’ve said things without thinking them through. I’ve gone to movies based on what I thought it was about … yet only to find myself watching a movie for which I was unprepared. (Iron Woman wasn’t a sequel to Iron Man). I’ve bought a book based on cover … oops. And more bad decisions.

So may this little story today remind us … be watchful, plan ahead, look before you leap, do your homework on options, and never judge a snowman by his smile.

Have a blessed day.






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