Hola, Buenos Dias Amigo

In four days, I have eaten at four Mexican eating establishments. Each has a strength, and often the company made up for shortcomings. Interestingly, my fav tacos come from a simple establishment called The Taco Wagon. I love this Appomattox hot spot.

Now, the key is not the food, though that is important. The key is the fellowship. I truly enjoyed talking, sharing, laughing, and breaking bread together … though in these cases it was breaking tortillas.

A meal can be more than just taking care of a physical need. It can be a time of emotional well being and spiritual bonding. It can involve worship together and developing a bond that can span time and distance.

This week, spend some time with friends. Develop new friends. And maybe do it all while eating from the Taco Wagon.

And to Olivia, I get the same tacos you made me, but oh yeah … they are mucho bueno.






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