Pick Up a Book

Keeping it simple today. Spent to much time in a new book.

I took my next step to integrating into the community … I got my library card. It not only gets me access to the bound material, but also the online community of Libby. Wohoo.

I love to get lost in a suspense novel, a sci-fi work of alternate timelines, and more. I just finished reading The Princess Bride so now I need to rewatch the movie. Today, I dug into Tony Evans and Clive Cussler. Quite the range I have, if I say so myself.

If all you read is Tweets, FB, or blogs, I hope that will change. Now, don’t stop reading blogs, and sharing them (hint, hint) … but maybe pick up a book, log onto to Hoopla, Kindle, Nook, or iBooks, even listen to an audiobook … you won’t regret it. I never do.

Be blessed.





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