Follow the Leader … play like you mean it

A few weeks a ago, I saw three rabbits run into my front yard. They were in single file. And then it got a bit weird. The first rabbit ran in a circle, about a meter in diameter (3 feet or so). The other 2 followed in suit. Not just once, but they did this 4 times. It was like watching a drunk rabbit chased by two more rabbits.

Did you ever play follow the leader? Did you do it because you wanted to or because that 2nd grade teacher who used to be a drill sergeant made you play?

Well, sometimes when we follow Jesus, we often do it out of routine, out of necessity out of obligation. But maybe we should really be following him because of who He is, what He desires for us, and that pretty much knows what’s best.

A few years ago, I wrote this in my e-journal …

Do what He says – not just actions but thoughts and heart – not just acceptance but an embracing that his ways are really best for me – I need to be rid of selfishness – raise my white flag, lay it down, all for Him.

So, straight line, round in circles, uphill, downhill, however, wherever, whenever, whatever … I will embrace following him. Join me!






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