Using the Law to a Get Way With Doing Wrong

It is a tragedy. A cultural permission slip that has been used for people to get away with statutory rape.

Beware. This issue is sensitive but it is one that too many people do exactly the same thing, but maybe less in intensity.
I am talking about adults who commit statutory rape, but then marry the minor so they can avoid being prosecuted. And in a majority of the states, people down to almost 15 can get married with parents’ permission, court approval, or be declared emancipated from their parents. Many laws are being proposed to stop marriage under 18, but the road is still very long.

Now, as appealing as this seems, and it is appalling, you might find yourself doing the exact same thing. No, not marrying a minor, but looking for loopholes to get away with things that are wrong.

Caution, personal confession to follow. When I was in high school, and had a cast on my arm from wrist to shoulder, I got stopped for a traffic violation. I was on my way to the doctor, but I played it up. I pretended to be in pain, groaned, I ‘insinuated’ I was rushing there at his request, moaned, and I talked myself out of the ticket. I feel guilty, I asked for forgiveness later, I know I ‘got away with it’, but I also know I didn’t. Rebellious teen? Carnal slip? Giving into peer pressure? I don’t know. But I do know this, I was wrong.

Have I done something like this since? I leave that unanswered for now. But how is me justifying what I know was wrong any different then the ones I talked about above? How about your looking for loopholes? Redefining marriage when you know the Biblical principles. Saying adultery is only about consenting adults. Saying it is about a woman’s choice and not about life of a child. Okay, my social norms and Biblical point of view are on display here, but it makes my point as to how we use a legal system to get away with stuff.

Bottom line, we all make mistakes, some very serious. And looking for a loophole doesn’t make it right.

I want to live in such a way that laws will never be necessary to justify choices. I want to have the fruit of my life be such that everyone finds them beyond reproach. I’m not there in every way, but life is a journey. God is not done with me yet. And He’s not done with you either.

This was prompted by several articles, here is one of them.





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