Liars, Liars, Pants on Fire

Sunday and Monday, Facebook was full of fake news. Hundreds of my friends and millions of others posted a simple line and each one was a lie.

They all said something to this effect, “My dad is the best dad ever!” Or “Dad, you’re number one!” Or “Nobody could have ever asked for a better dad!”

Well, not all. My son didn’t post or tweet or text this. But I’ll leave this thought for another day. Today, back to you liars.

The truth is not every one could be the best. There can only be one number one. And plenty of people have asked for better dads.

I’m not trying to start an argument or upset anyone. Lord knows we have enough of that. And I’m sure each post was written from a genuine heart. And these posts probably sounds better then, “Dad, you’re number 4,739 … but I’ll keep ya,” or “dad, there have been plenty of times I’ve asked for better parents; but God kept me with you, so, yeah“

Father’s Day is set aside to honor those who raised us, taught us, nurtured and cared for us, and loved us! It may be biological or legal or spiritual. So many ways people influence us.

I’m thankful for my father. He went on to heaven about 25 years ago. He was a good man and I loved him. Perfect? Not at all. But he loved God, my mother, and 3 of the 4 kids. (I’ll let the other three argue over which one he ignored, lol)

But I’m also thankful for other men on my life. High school soccer coach. Several college professors. The first pastor I served under. My graduate advisor. The father of my wife. Men who invested time in me. And So many others.

Leviticus 19:32 says to “Stand up in the presence of the elderly, and show respect for the aged.” So to this men, I stand in your honor. In respect to your life and service. And I thank you for what you did as you invested in me. May God bless you.

Today, whomever is reading this … today, show respect to these men on your journey of life. It can happen more then one day a year. Let them know.






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