Short Towels, Sweaty Faces & a Buddha-like Belly Rub

Life is weird. No, maybe I should’ve said people are weird. And when it comes to people interacting with others, the weirdness multiplies. So far this week, I have had three unusual interactions.

The first was when I visited a couple. The wife is headed for surgery in the near future, so my wife and I went by to pray and connect. The hubby was sitting in his normal lounge chair going through piles of mail. Here’s the weird, he was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and boxers ( I hope boxers.) When I entered, the wife threw a towel over his lap – a short towel. It was large enough for modesty, but I laughed under my breath. I’ll not go any farther.

The second was when I was hanging with some kids. One of the younger ones had just come inside from playing. And he was a bit sweaty. So he walked up to my group, started joking a bit, then leaned over and said he needed to wipe his face sweat on my shirt – which he proceeded to do. After I noogied him, he ran away. It was a yuck infested, anti COVID habitual, unsanitary practice of which I just shook my head. Kids.

The third was an old practice that resurfaced. At a previous church, I often stood at the door and shook hands as people departed. Yeah, I know, not much social distancing back then. Oh what a difference a year makes. Well, one teen used to joke that if this was for luck, she wanted to rub my belly like I was a Buddha statue. I don’t know if I should’ve been insulted or what. But it became a weekly thing. Yeah, weird. But remember, life is weird. (Reread paragraph one for that point.)

This has been awhile ago, but it resurfaced this week. At a funeral, she walked up to me with her palm out like a waist high, reverse high five. I tried to think what she was doing. I reverse hand slapped, shook her pinky, tickled her palm, what? Then she said, “belly rub.” Oh yeah. Now I remember. Life is weird.

So, get the point – life is weird, people are weirder.

But that’s okay, I like it. I don’t want a normal, same old boring, day-in day-out type of routine. I would whither in dull, lazy uniformity. Bring in the weird. Lift high the weird. May I wave the flag of weirdness with joy.

May you look around and see funny faces, joyous kids laughter, and oddities all throughout your day. And maybe, just maybe you can smile when people look at you and say, “weirdo!”

Have a weird day!






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