Life Delights in Life

The Sinners Bible. Have you heard of it? There was a very early printing of the Bible in English. One mistake. One simple word. They left the three letter word “not” out. It wasn’t so much they left the word out, it was where they left it out. It was in one of the Ten Commandments. They printed, “Thou shalt commit adultery.” Just a simple mistake. But I imagine they got berated considerably.

My father once told me that The Saturday Evening Post once posted a letter from the editor that said they intentionally leave a few grammatical errors in each edition. The point was some people aren’t happy unless they find something to complain about. So, they leave a few just for them to find and complain … thus making them happy too.

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What are you looking for? More specifically … What goes through your mind when things happen around you and to you? Do you look for a reason to be offended, to find flaws, to nit pick? Or, are you looking for a reason to be thankful, to encourage, to find joy in and beyond the circumstances? Craig Groeschel once said …

We often find what we are looking for.
If we’re looking for a reason to be OFFENDED, we will find it.
If we’re looking for a reason to be THANKFUL, we will find it.
What are you looking for today?

No one but you controls your attitude!

– C Groeschel

So today, what are you looking for … reasons to be offended or to be thankful? More than likely, you’ll find it. And then, what do you pass on to others.

For me … This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.


The title of this post is by William Blake





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