Walking in a Daze

I just got home – 22 hour straight drive from Fort Worth. Life right now is like I’m in a daze. But I have a reason. Many people walk around with no excuses.

If you only watched the headline news, you might think the only real news is Will Smith and the slap heard around the world, Justice Thomas’s wife’s email, US military bases have names that are not woke, and some people don’t know what the definition of a woman is. But there is more …

  • People are hurting with illnesses
  • Elderly folks struggling with dementia
  • Some families wondering how to pay for gas just to get to work
  • Droughts, Fires, Guns in Schools

 But there are good things too …

  • New life coming into the world
  • Marriages taking place
  • Adoptions, Anniversaries, Successful Surgeries

But in the scope of all things, with eternity in mind, there are also people believing in Jesus, baptisms, and obedient followers of true Faith in a culture that pulls us in so many different ways.

We get so obsessed with the here and now, with the celebrities of this world, and with inconveniences to our daily life … when in reality, it is eternity that really takes precedence. It’s like we are walking in a daze to what’s real and what’s important.

If all you see is what
you see then you will
never see all that
There is to be seen.
- tony evans

So look a little a little deeper. Grasp what true reality is. And don’t get distracted by the mundane.

Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with God.

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About Todd K Estes

In this journey called Life, it gets a bit muddy - But Jesus sees beyond the mud and sees the person He created, the person He loves, and the person He is still working on. I am one of those persons - and so are you. I am a sold-out follower of Jesus, husband way out of my league, father to a great son, part of the family of God, and pastor of a great church family - Evergreen Baptist in Appomattox.

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