Week of Prayer: 1 of 8

It’s Sunday and we are focusing for 8 days on the Annie Armstrong Week of Prayer for North America. This is an emphasis from he Southern Baptist where we pray and give to mission endeavors for our work in North America. Now you would think this means English speaking ministries within the continental United States – but wow, it is som much more. The International cultures and peoples of the world are coming to North America and the mission endeavors reach out to al of them – and form inner city to the rural of the ruralist (like where I live!)

Each day, a little more to learn, a little more to pray for, a little more to realize how much the mission field is right here and right now.

So, Sunday … Day 1 … the theme: United

United in our efforts. United in our gospel. United in our offerings. Our nation in many ways feels divided right now, but we believe the gospel has the power to unite and transform broken communities. Through the #AnnieArmstrong Easter Offering, our church is joining North American missionaries in bringing the hope and restoration of Christ.

We’re kicking off this #AnnieArmstrong Week of Prayer by praying for North America – where it’s estimated over 275 million people are living without Christ. Pray for the thousands of missionaries working to reach new people in the most challenging circumstances.

So we pray – United
So we share – United
So we give – United

The national goal is $70 Mill – our church can’t give $70 Mill – but united we can. And every cent, every cent, goes to work on the mission field. No admin cost comes out of this offering.

For my non-SBC readers, that is okay. I just encourage you to follow along this weeks as we all learn more about SBC mission efforts in North America.






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