Week of Prayer: Day 4 of 8

If you think of a place of Spiritual Warfare – a battle field in our modern culture … Washington DC needs to be considered at the very front of warfare. We should always be praying for those in our government, but there are so many others connected to Washington. Civil servants, tourist industry, service industry, vacationers are just part of the list.  There are also quite a few military in DC and right across the Potomac River in and around the Pentagon in northern Virginia. 

Into this world, we introduce the Huntleys.

#AnnieArmstrong featured-missionaries Jared and Jennifer Huntley know first-hand the struggles of military personnel and their families. Jared himself is a U.S. Army veteran. On Day 4 of this Week of Prayer, join us in praying for the Huntleys as they disciple and equip military families in Washington, D.C., to follow Jesus and take the gospel with them wherever they are deployed. 

North American culture is at a crossroads with millions of people in spiritual darkness. The need for the gospel has never been more urgent. When you give to the #AnnieArmstrong Easter Offering, you bring the gospel to communities in desperate need of Jesus. Please plan to give and help meet our offering goal.






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