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Why the name, “Muddy Shoes”?

THIS IS THE VERY FIRST ENTRY … Left at the top to explain the title.

A new blog.  Fresh perspectives.

Why the name, “Muddy Shoes”?

First, it has been said that we should never talk about someone unless we have walked a mile in their shoes.  We should try to see the world from their perspective.  It is about empathy – understanding their feelings, their point of view, their situation.  It’s a great principle in building and strengthening relationships.

Second, we all wear different kinds and different sizes of shoes.  Shoes can represent our personal style, our personality, and even what our particular life event.  Garth Brooks said wearing boots might ruin a black tie affair (though many of my fellow Texans might disagree on this cultural norm).

Third, we should realize that in our journey in life, our shoes get muddied.  Life gets messy.  Not only our life, but the life of others too.  The mud gives insight to what we have gone through and where we have traveled.

So, it is the desire of this blog to share life principles that help us understand our walk in life and strengthen our relationships with others.  These principles will impact our home life, our business life, our leadership skills, our daily walk, and just might give us a clearer understanding of what we go through in life.