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Forever Changed – I Remember

I was living on Dallas then. I had just gotten home from a graveyard shift at work. I kissed my wife as she headed off to Dallas Theological Seminary where she worked. I took my son to school and came back home to go to sleep.

It was a normal start of what would be a not close to normal day. There would be very little sleep. For this day, this eleventh day of September, was far from normal.

It was shortly before 8a (Dallas time), everything changed … forever.

I remember watching TV for hours.

I remember calling my wife. Calling my mother.

I remember saying prayers.

I remember shedding some tears.

Later that day, I remember holding my family in my arms.

I remember images of ash covered crowds walking away from the disaster as first responders moved into the danger zone.

As time went on, hours and days, I remember a nation mourning, a nation angry, and heroes serving.

I remember churches full – we sat in the packed balcony at First Baptist Dallas – worshiping and praying.

I remember corporate prayers and a calmness of my soul.

… for no matter what, I remember then and now – God is on the throne.

I remember being changed forever.

I remember.

Wardrobe Malfunction .. or .. Ridiculous Journalism

9-11 … a day Americans will always remember. I remember where I was. And I remember the emotional roller coaster in the immediate days that followed. I remember the crowded churches that weekend. And I remember that America was more united than it had been in a long time before and since.

And every year, we honor those that lost their lives and remember the cost of freedom.

But this year, a photo of our First Lady circulated the twitter-verse that showed some people have way too much time on their hands and/or that people can be a bit ridiculous. So why do I discuss it? It’s a little funny. And it’s a little sad.

I guess it’s all about perspective and choosing to look for the positive … not the asinine.

What was it? Our First Lady wore a coat … black with some white stitching for style. The lower back of the coat had a slit for comfort, style, and movability. The trim had a white stitch (seen on the belt as well) and a button latch that also had the white stitching.

Here’s the rub … some saw the pic (from a distance at that) and said it was an intentional slap in the face of those in the twin towers. They stated the stitching was specifically done to represent a plane flying into the tower.

Me, it look more like the Washington monument with the elevator flying out. But I watch too many apocalyptic disaster movies.

It’s just a stitch. It’s … just … a … stitch.

What will we focus on? What dominates our minds? And why do we need to voice things just because we think them? Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty sarcastic at times … too much so. But I hope that most my thoughts are those which align with this great saying …

What a better place, better nation, better world it would be.

What are your thoughts about today?

Please forgive my ignorance of correct garment terminology. My extent of knowledge comes from the movie The Devil Wears Prada, and that is not a lot.