One Foot In – So Close but Not Yet

Are you ready? Is the excitement building? This should not be a normal time. It was that trip almost every parent takes - the college road trip to visit campuses. So in the fall several years ago, we loaded the car and headed to Texas. We took our son to the University of Texas (Austin)… Continue reading One Foot In – So Close but Not Yet

Living in His Shade, and That’s Cool

Life’s not an easy journey. There are dangers and snares all around. For my wife, the dangers are spiders (everyone is a black widow mixed with brown recluse DNA), snakes (all poisonous no matter what), and killer hornets everywhere. As a moderate hiker, I know first hand of dangers from animals, perilous trail conditions, weather,… Continue reading Living in His Shade, and That’s Cool

This World is Not My Home

Growing up, we moved around a lot. As an adult, nothing changed in this regard ... my wife and I still moved around a lot. We’ve moved at least 15 times since we’ve been married. She keeps moving, and I keep finding her. Not really. The truth is that there is within me a sense… Continue reading This World is Not My Home