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  • Badlands – grasping snow

    Badlands – grasping snow

    Rocks. I collect rocks. Every time I journey a new trail, I attempt to get a memento, a rock. I normally try to get in near the apex. However, there are a few other items I collect that might be unique to the terrain, the locale or the event. When I went to Badlands and…

  • Bad Lands – Bonding

    Bad Lands – Bonding

    It was on my bucket list – along with almost every NPS in the lower 48. Okay, maybe AK and HI too but not sure the FJ would get to those places. A great place to visit, hike, and experience – but I wish I was there when the lodges were open. That would have…

  • Road Trip 2/23 … part 3 … stepping back in time

    Road Trip 2/23 … part 3 … stepping back in time

    It was a step back in time. Chronologically. Physically. As I drove to the National Park, I passed into the Mountain Time Zone – a chronological 60 minutes into the past. But it was more than that. I passed the 1880 Town – a true west town that exists to allow those who (those who…