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This Man – Such Captivating Words

This man was the type of master wordsmith to which Mark Twain’s was referring.

And when discussing the Bible … to him … it is more than a book …

Let me introduce many of you to this giant in the history of the church in America.

Born as the 5th child of poor share-croppers in a three room log cabin in South Carolina … Robert G Lee came to be one of the best pulpiteers in America. He borrowed enough money to go to Panama where he worked on the Panama Canal. There he was able to save enough money to enroll at Furman University. He continued his education even to where he completed his Ph.D. in international law at Chicago Law School.

He pastored at several churched and eventually ended his vocational work with 33 years at Bellevue in Memphis. While there over 24,000 people joined – over 7,600 for baptism!

He is a master of words, a spellbinding orator, a genius expositor and faithful shepherd.

I am reading a book, The Bible and Prayer published by Broadman in 1950. His opening chapter discusses God’s Wonder Book … and yowzah. Let me just share some of the highlights.


  • Supernatural in origin
  • Divine in authorship
  • Infallible in authority
  • Personal in application
  • Immeasurable in power
  • Inestimable in value
  • Infinite in scope
  • Identified with promotion of liberty
  • Enduring as the life of God
  • Wonderful in its translation and preservation
  • Regenerative in power
  • Abideth forever
  • Secure in guidance
  • Sanctifying in its influence
  • Like a sword, to defeat the enemy
  • Like water to cleanse
  • Like honey for delight
  • Like a seed for sowing
  • Like gold for enrichment
  • Like milk for nourishment
  • Like meat for strengthening
  • Like a hammer for breaking our obstinacy
  • Like a fire to purify

That and more in just under 5 small pages – wow.

Imagine what he did every Sunday from the pulpit.

I don’t know how you describe the Bible – but I don’t think you can get much better than this,

Praying is Kind of Weird

Praying is weird … have you ever really thought about it. Here we are … tiny little specs in relation to the whole universe. And if there are multiverses, whoa. We have no real reason to stick out and deserve any attention from the BIG, POWERFUL, AWESOME CREATOR we call LORD.

And that’s just our galaxy!

Praying is kind of weird. I get God is big. But prayers have to be a pain. We whine and fuss and complain and ask for the silliest things. I mean, how many people want to win the lottery or get the girl of their dreams or pass a test at school after not studying. And does God really care who wins between the Cowboys and the “soon to be renamed, yet always will be remembered as” Redskins? Okay, maybe this one does matter. Go Washington, whatever mascot you’re going by this week.

I love the scene from Bruce Almighty when Bruce is answering prayers by email. Just says “yes” to everyone.

This didn’t work out so well

And one more thought on why praying is kind of weird. What do you say? We have troubling talking to each other, difficulty in communicating with our spouse, kids, neighbors, etc. We stumble, mumble, and grumble with our words. And now, the Big Man Himself wants a powwow? What could we possibly say?

So, three reasons. First one on BIG GOD – tiny me. I don’t get it, but He loves us and listens to us. And He is BIG enough to listen to each one of us uniquely. He’s that BIG.

Second, I do think He dislikes trivial prayers. But I also think He knows our hearts and He really just wants that. And when we love Him and know Him and trust Him completely, when he has ur whole hearts, trivial prayers will fade away.

And that leads us to the third one, what do you really say? Let me answer that with a tweetable quote …

Maybe we don’t know what to say to God, because we don’t know what God has already said to us

Stole from somewhere so long ago, I can’t remember who said it first

That line hits me hard every time. So read His Word. Meditate on it. Learn it. Hide it in your heart. Pray the promises. Shout the praises. Cast your burdens on Him. Seek His wisdom.

God’s Word … read it. Today.

Where’s Your Hangout?

In the third grade, I was a pain in the teacher’s … plan book. I did all my work so quick, I ended up being more of a pain than a pleasure. So to prevent me from being a distraction, she would often send me to the library for hours upon hours. My hang out was the library. It is where my love for reading took root.

In Dallas, I hung out at coffee shops like Buzz Brews. In Chesterfield, it was Panera’s. Here in my new hometown, many mornings are at Granny Bees. Wow, these are all food places. Thus explains my extra weight. Maybe it should’ve been Gold’s Gym.

Where do you hang out? Where is your favorite place to relax, chill, or just unwind? Gyms? Libraries? Horse stables? Starbucks/Baines/local coffee shop? A man cave? Maybe we shouldn’t be talking about a place . Maybe we should be talking about something else.

Get into the Word, let the Word get into you.

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples” (John 8:31, ESV).

Abide. It means to live there, to dwell there, to let ‘there’ be your home. We are to live in the Word. Everything about our life should be permeated by the Word, the Bible. The way we talk. The way we act. The way we think.

During a typical day, when do you most sense that you are abiding in Jesus’ words? When is abiding hardest? What do you need to change in your way of living to better be living in the Word?

Bottom line: Where’s your hangout?

The God Apps

I had a weird thought – what kind of App would God develop? What would it do? Maybe I watch God Friended Me too much this week.

I did a quick web search to see what was out there. Some of the top hits were …

  • HU: Experience the God Sound. Kind of a mantra, meditative chant and more. Nope.
  • The God TV App. More of a portal to a Christian cable/web channel. Good, but not what I want.
  • The God Test … and God Tools. Two apps to help you share your faith, equip you to deal with searchers and skeptics. Again, good premise, but not hitting my target.
  • The God Box. I like this. Built to accompany a book by the same name. The book writes of a person that wrote encouraging letters and faith cards to lift and assist others in their journey. She would save them in a God Box till she delivered them. This app lets you write notes on the go in electronic format, then send them when you can later. I think I’ll get this. But still, not what I am looking for.
  • Then this showed up – The God App – but it is not an app. It’s a murder mystery book about an app that knows the future. So close but nope.

I would imagine the app would share His love, His Word, and His will for each one of us. I would want a way to submit questions, interact with other app holders, and a way for it to warn us when we get off track – “Ding – please return to the appropriate path. This direction leads to disaster. Thank you.”

It would warn us … “Ding – please return to the appropriate path. This direction leads to disaster. Thank you.”

Part map, part journal, part text book, part philosophy, part future vision, part warning system, part game (after all, that’s what apps I use anyway) … wait, that’s sound a lot like what the Bible is and does (minus the game part). And that is in print, audio, video, apps galore, and more. But it doesn’t need to stay on the phone – it needs to get into our heart.

So today – don’t replace your time in the Bible by spending time in other apps. Get into the Word and let the Word get into you.

Have a blessed day.

The Bible … China is the #1 Publisher

Gutenberg Press

A ‘Bible Tax’ has been avoided. The Scripture is no longer on the list of items to be impacted by the upcoming 10% tariffs being imposed on items coming out of China.

As international trade relations between a China and the U.S. begin to sink even further into a muddy mire of muck, the Bible was one of two items removed from the list. The other is children’s books. These two items are not completely in the clear, just delayed until December. Other items will be hit by the tariffs on September 1st.

LifeWay, the home to Baptist’s printing and curricula, reports that the world’s largest Bible printing company is in China. And furthermore, 75% of all Bibles are printed in China. Wow. 75%!

From a nation that is showing more and more hostility to Christianity and the church’s impact in our world, it is amazing that China even allows such printing. In a nation that is changing great works of literature by removing “God”, “Bible”, and “Christ” from books like Robinson Crusoe, it is remarkable they still print the Bible at all.

LifeWay is investigating alternative publishing houses. But the enigma is real. What if publishing is prohibited? What if China does what it can to extort or make cost untenable? Could they figuratively hold US publishers economically hostage for Bible products?

A few thoughts as I ponder this …

  • God’s Word will never be removed from the world … it will remain.
  • But, it may become more difficult to obtain, illegal to own, and an object that will bring persecution to its possessors. Already lawsuits are in America to make the Bible illegal to own – I don’t expect the lawsuit to go anywhere, but the battle is real. (Think of the movie The Book of Eli).
  • This is not about money, or economics, or politics. It is a spiritual warfare … and it will get worse before it gets better. Our enemy is not China or Washington DC or any one person or group … it is beyond that.
  • So, we need to be putting the Word in our hearts. Memorize, apply, and pass it on from generation to generation. I know Lisa is better at this than me … but I need to improve.
  • What about it you? Don’t be held captive … hide it in your heart. Start small. Maybe a verse today could be a great place to begin. Join me?
  • Be blessed.

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