Praying is Kind of Weird

Praying is weird ... have you ever really thought about it. Here we are ... tiny little specs in relation to the whole universe. And if there are multiverses, whoa. We have no real reason to stick out and deserve any attention from the BIG, POWERFUL, AWESOME CREATOR we call LORD. And that’s just our... Continue Reading →

Where’s Your Hangout?

In the third grade, I was a pain in the teacher’s ... plan book. I did all my work so quick, I ended up being more of a pain than a pleasure. So to prevent me from being a distraction, she would often send me to the library for hours upon hours. My hang out... Continue Reading →

The God Apps

I had a weird thought - what kind of App would God develop? What would it do? Maybe I watch God Friended Me too much this week. I did a quick web search to see what was out there. Some of the top hits were ... HU: Experience the God Sound. Kind of a mantra,... Continue Reading →

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