Crazy Church

Growing up, church was a mandatory event, being the preacher’s kid and all. But going to church didn’t mean I worshipped. (More on that later). And now as a preacher, I have the best view of the pew sitters to see who is distracted. This week, I picked up to reread Mark Twain’s The Adventures... Continue Reading →

Food Favs & Friends

One particular research group did a survey on ‘Top Quick Service Food Spots.’ The results were announced this week. Now, being that I have multiple connections to food institutions, I thought I would weigh in a bit. I recommend places to eat all the time at the hotel. I am starting a second job at... Continue Reading →

The NFL Draft and Pastor’s Free Agency

I am stoked. Today, Calvin and I both got our Q-square admittance email for the Oikos’ NFL Draft Experience for later in the month. This year it will be at AT&T Stadium (where the ‘Boys play). This three day event will be filled with star athletes, lessons from coaches and trainers, games, prizes, and the... Continue Reading →

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