When Life Throws You Into Reverse

He was at the top of the world. Life was going his way. Private dinners in the White House. People paid him honors and adoration. He had skyrocketed to heights we only dream of. BAM ... life came to a screeching halt, even more, it sent him careening in the opposite way. He now plummeted… Continue reading When Life Throws You Into Reverse

Snakes, Screams, and Scary Things at Night

It pierced the quiet night air ... her scream. She called for me, her warrior, to come rescue her. I ran from the other side of the house; and upon entering the bedroom, I found her standing on the bed pointing to the corner of the room where a monstrous snake was coiled ready to… Continue reading Snakes, Screams, and Scary Things at Night

She’s a Brick House … Could this be the song for worship Sunday?

Stay with me ... three parts will come together. Part One ... my life, my wife. Do you have a song? A song that makes you think of your wife? I do. And it is the most popular, longest lasting hit of the Commodores ... Brick House. Before my church members get pitchforks to run… Continue reading She’s a Brick House … Could this be the song for worship Sunday?