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Snakes, Screams, and Scary Things at Night

It pierced the quiet night air … her scream. She called for me, her warrior, to come rescue her. I ran from the other side of the house; and upon entering the bedroom, I found her standing on the bed pointing to the corner of the room where a monstrous snake was coiled ready to strike. Fangs appearing. Blood dripping. And eyes that glowed evil red.

Okay, maybe it was a small 3-foot black snake that was hiding from her as much as she was trying to get away from it. But this is my adventure, let me tell it my way.

I put on my armor (cowboy boots), got my weapon (a shovel), and killed the monstrous beast. It was a scene that rivals that of Harry saving Ginny from the basilisk. I stood victorious, and then swept the fair lady into my arms receiving the praise and kisses I was due. Her hero had won the day like a scene from a movie.

Yeah, not exactly. I then cleaned the mess up and looked for any family members. My wife eventually calmed down and life returned to normal. Such is life in the country … snakes, skunks, deer, and even once saw a bear.

Fears can paralyze us. They can cause screams, shivers, and more. Yesterday, I shared the power of dangerous prayers and having God search us. And when we are honest and open before Him, our deepest fears will be revealed. We will see where our trust in Him comes up short. We cling to phobias and anxieties because of a number of reasons … but the biggest is because we don’t have a clear enough vision of how BIG our GOD really is.

For when we see the fears as too big, we make our view of God too small. This trap, this snare can be overcome when we grasp the glory, the greatness, the grandeur of God and His power, presence, provision, and plans.

Esther fasted for three days. She dressed in royal attire. She walked into Thee throne room uninvited. She stood, when protocol demands bowing. This was courage. For with a simple wave of his hand, Xerxes could’ve had her killed for such audacity. But she believed she was here for ‘such a time as this’.

She knew it could’ve meant death. She knew a failure could’ve led to disaster for her and millions of her fellow Jews. But she also knew her God was bigger than all of this. Such courage. Such boldness. Such bravado.

I want that. I want courage to defy odds, stand boldly, and take chances for God.

And Esther gave us some insight to how to get this courage. First, spend time with God. She prayed and fasted. She devoted herself to talking with God and seeking wisdom, direction, and insight … and I believe more than that, I believe she sought God himself.

Second, she didn’t do this alone. True, it was her standing there, no one else. But she called on her people, her fellow children of God to pray for her and for this very moment. It’s so much easier to face snakes and dragons and fears when you know you’ve got a posse.

And third, she had a BiG view of GOD … knowing He could handle this. No issue is too big for Him.

What about you? What fears do you have? Where is your view of God too small?

  • Spend time with God
  • Get support from your family of faith
  • Grasp the greatness of who God really is

Your fear may not be to stand before the ruler of the world and face potential death, but even if it is … God is bigger. So dream big. Act with courage. God is bigger.

God is BiG … I am little … and He’s got my back!

And that makes this adventure called life all the more exciting. Today, be courageous. Know that God is BIG. Bigger than any dragon.

I Am Afraid … But why?

It was just a dream. Not real. I even know it was a dream. But I still feel the shivers down my back as if it was just as real. I woke up a bit afraid to face the day.

Is there a connection between dreams and reality? They say if you die in your dreams, you die in real life. How do they know? I mean if the person died in real life, how do they know what they were dreaming, or even if they were dreaming at all? But I get it – dreams make me shiver, happy, fearful, laugh, and a whole slew of other emotions.

Acts 2 tells us young men will see visions and old men will dream dreams … am I an old man?

So, the dream … my father was there. He was telling me that if he had to do it all over again, he would parent totally different. I didn’t get that. Maybe in regards to my siblings, but I turned out so well. (JK sibs). My father continued. We, his kids, were too violent – too angry at the world.

As I ponder … is it me reflecting on my father, how I miss him, or how I would love to see him? Or is it a reflecting on my parenting role, how I wish I could have been better, even regretting some scenarios I play over in my mind?

My son, 1200 miles away and preparing for major life changes as his wedding day approaches, called and we talked about some of his fears. His getting married I get the fears. Nothing about the one he is marrying, well, not too much about her, but mostly about the uncertainties of expectations we place on ourselves and so forth.

My wife, though she would never tell me her fears, has to be facing them. She places such high expectations on herself and her roles in life. She does not want to let people down, she wants to connect to excellence in work, relationships, ministry, and in her newest endeavor of her blog. (If you haven’t checked it out … go there)

Fears, we all have them. We may mask it in words like worry, concern, anxiety, etc. but they are around.

So what do we do? What did I do this morning? Me, I wrote a blog about it while trying to process it all. And in the end, I came up with the same advice I gave my son, and so many others. I remind myself …

God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. And the first in this list is power … the power to overcome fears is part of that.

So, get into the Word, trust in the Lord, and remember He is always with you. He provides, protects, and empowers. He loves me … always.

That’s comforting. That drives away fears. So today, grab hold and don’t let go of that truth.