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Click It … #2 of 3 … Mute Me, I Dare Ya

Life should come with a remote control. Think about how this would be so wonderful. And yet, so horrifying.

Take an imaginary journey with me. Your strolling along in life and things are going smoothly. But then, bam. You blow it by saying something stupid, by rolling your eyes and your wife catches you, you give in to a temptation and immediately regret it, or any number of dumb things.

Or those times you know your being pushed to the limit and are about to explode on your coworkers, your boss, your kids.

Push the rewind button and have a do over. And keep pushing until you get it right. Who wouldn’t want a do-over on some things.

Push the mute button and stop yourself before say those words you know you’ll regret.

Or this one. Life is too busy? Too frantic and maddening? How about a simple pause. Or maybe use the home button just so you can get back to your safe place and start the process from the beginning.

The big one is the source or input buttons in our lives. Too often we listen to society, to media, to worldly philosophies … and they distort our mind, corrupt our way of thinking and influence our deepest values. And what ‘source’ we should be going to is the Word of Gods and the God of the Word.

Now, let me flip this to the horrifying part. What if someone else, a someone who didn’t have your best interest in mind, had the remote control to your life. They could mute you, pause you, even turn off your power. All with the push of a button. We need to be really careful who we let into our lives with that kind of influence.

It is said … bad company corrupts good morals. You become like those you let into your life.

But it is also said … the wounds of a friend can be trusted. I need my closest friends to help me mute or pause or change channels.

We may not have a remote control to help us through life, but we do have more control than we acknowledge or even use at times. Maybe if we practiced better self discipline, a remote control wouldn’t be needed.

And if we all did that, wouldn’t life be a little better.

Oversized Load – Are You One?

We’ve all seen them, we’ve all been trapped behind them, and many of us may have even pounded the steering wheel with frustration wondering if we’ll ever get around that oversize load in front of us.

I was driving the other day and got trapped behind two oversize loads in a row. The first one was a double length tree carrier with multiple hardwood samples of oak and walnut and other pieces of wood headed for a craftsman to make beautiful works of art (at least that was my hope for them). As soon as I passed that one, I was then trapped behind another double length oversize load. But this one had two huge sheds. Interestingly, as soon as I passed those I got trapped behind a school bus.

I’ve had worse commutes.

Life is like this sometimes. We are delayed, or blocked, or just simply annoyed by other peoples baggage and oversize loads. We may complain, fuss, or even get mad at the other person. But if we were to truly think about our life, I think there are times when we are the ones carrying an oversize load.

I am not talking physically here. I’m not talking about that I am an oversize load that physically makes it hard for people to get around me. I admit I could lose a few pounds, but I’m talking emotionally and spiritually and our inner-self. We carry unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, envy, and a number of other wide load packages.

It would be interesting if we would have to do what the oversize load trucks would have to do. What would it be like if we had to put a sign on our back that said oversize load — danger — bitterness on board? Maybe we might even have to have another vehicle trailing us to warn people to stay away or to give us a wide berth if they are to come on the same road. That may make life more interesting, but I don’t think it would settle our problems.

It would be interesting if we would have to do what the oversize load trucks would have to do. What would it be like if we had to put a sign on our back that said oversize load — danger — bitterness on board?

I’m not trying to be a little hard to just miss the fact that many of us have serious issues that need to be addressed. But I am trying to share that there are times that we do not let people realize what we’re going through. We try to hide and suppress these difficult times. But these should be the times that we are reaching out and that we are finding how important friendship really is.

I also hope that if you’re going through one of these times you realize how important knowing God is. He desires for you to cast your concerns on him for he cares for you. He is the God who loves us even in our messiness. And when he knows were carrying a wide load, he wants to take that burden from us.

So today, if you know someone that is caring a oversize load, don’t shake your fist in frustration but do what you can to help then. There will be a day when you’ll have the one with the load and you’ll need their help them. I’m glad I’ve got friends and I’m glad I’ve got Jesus.

Have a blessed day.