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Stop Giving Thanks to God

Shots from Thanksgiving Plaza in Dallas

Put away the pitchforks. Extinguish the flames and put the oil back in the tank. I am not trying to be heretical. Yes, I know that we are to give thanks in everything. Yes I know every good thing is from above. And yes, I am very, very, very thankful for all our Lord has done. Did I say very?

I tagged the title to grab your attention. There are times I seek to prompt praises and adorations from individuals/groups as we pray. I seek for us to acknowledge the greatness of our God, to attempt to describe the indescribable, to lift His name on high, and to challenge us to worship Him for who He is. I seek praises for our God. Though closely related, praises are different than thanksgivings.

We praise God for who He is – – we thank God for what He has done.

Examples … there are times that I know without doubt that God has provided resources, such as financial assistance or an open door for opportunities. I thank Him for what He provided … I praise Him for being the God that is caring and compassionate. I thank Him for showing me compassion (as in Him taking my place on the cross) but I praise Him for being a compassionate God.

So I praise Him for being a sovereign, healer, all powerful, all knowing, and faithful God (just to list a few.). I thank Him for healing me, redeeming me, protecting me, saving me.

So, back to the start here. Stop giving thanks to God for what He has done for you, but just long enough to praise Him for who He is. After all, He inhabits the praises of His people.

This Easter, may we offer our praises and our thanksgivings.

Shout It to the Heavens


Does the Next Generation See You Praising God?

Washington DC. RFK Stadium. 50,000 men. Preaching by greats like EV Hill and more. Gathered for one reason. To worship God. When the singing began, the stadium rocked and vibrated. Now I am sure it did that for the football teams that played there back then. I mean, I root for the Redskins quite often, but this was different. We were not there to praise 11 people on a field of metaphorical battle. We were not rallied behind a team or a sport that will one day pass away.  We were there to roar for the worthy God who loves us and saves us for eternity. We lifted praise for a weekend – and that was a little sliver of the praise that will go on for eternity.

Praise – we were all there to praise God.

One Word = Seven Words. No this is not new math, though some might think so. It seems that in Psalms, there are seven words in the Hebrew that are translated as ‘praise’ in the English. Just like ‘love’ has agape, eros, philio in the Greek, this little seven to one ratio/connection is often missed by English readers.

This season, when we give thanks to our God – may we also offer praise.
A Holy Roar in reckless abandon reaching the throne in Heaven.

These words give a fullness to the word praise. But more than that, they challenge us as to how we praise a God who is worthy to be praised. Arms extended, knees bended, hearts in brokenness, a raving excitement about the God who loves us, full liberation with no inhibitions to our praise for Him, a desperation of ourselves who need Him, with shouting and musical instruments, a roar that is heard beyond the walls. This is just scratching the surface.

This season, when we give thanks to our God – may we also offer praise. A Holy Roar in reckless abandon reaching the throne in Heaven. Now I could go into the seven words – but I leave that to the book. But I will attach a pdf that was done by the Jubilee Celebration Centre in Elgin, Il. They did a great job of summarizing the material from Chris Tomlin & Darren Whitehead’s work, Holy Roar.


Bottom Line – May we praise the God who is worthy!! Join me in a Holy Roar.

Post Script – some of the words from the song, Holy Roar.

A holy roar
Reaching for Heaven
Our praise poured out
With reckless abandon
Our worship God
Is wholly Yours

Forever worthy
Forever worthy
Forever worthy is the
Lamb who was slain

All the earth a holy roar
We’re lifting up a holy roar
All the earth a holy roar
We’re lifting up a holy roar