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  • Leaves Turning Color

    Leaves Turning Color

    It is Fall – my favorite time of the year. All around me, the wonderful leaves of the hardwoods are changing colors. Now, it may not be as bold as someone the northeastern part of the country, but it is very vivid and spectacular… There are the deep yellows. Trees of red that pops. And […]

  • Seasons … Which one Are You In?

    As we wrap up this year, well, this decade, I shared with some yesterday about seasons. Living in a community surrounded by farmers, they grasp the reality and the importance of knowing seasons. But seasons are more than just weather related. We go through seasons of life too. Dry seasons, stormy seasons, seasons of deluge, […]

  • God Is Never Late

    Silence. No prophets has risen for over 400 years. That’s about the same time length since my home state commonwealth was originally a colony. That’s a long time. Had God abandoned His people? The people were oppressed and life seemed gloomy. They longed for rescue. They waited. And they wondered. While God rarely arrives at […]