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  • Sneak Peek 1/29 Worship

    Sneak Peek 1/29 Worship

    Where will you worship this weekend? What are you doing to prepare your heart for hearing from the Lord and lifting praises to Him? Who will you be taking with you? If you’re in central Virginia, join us. Here’s a sneak peek … And maybe, a delightful and sweet reminder as you leave (plastic plain…

  • Sunday Sneak Peek … 1/8/23

    Sunday Sneak Peek … 1/8/23

    Where will you spend this Sunday morning? or maybe a Saturday evening? I am referring to worship – one of the greatest privileges we have as the family of God. This weekend, our church has two great services – in one, we sing, praise, and dig into God’s Word. We will be in Hebrews 5.11-14.…

  • Sneak Peek for 8/7/22

    Sneak Peek for 8/7/22

    Five weeks – Five rooms – Five looks at relationships. And tomorrow’s worship principle is … FRONT PORCH (& the dance of the porcupine)

  • Sneak Peek (5/1/22)

    Sneak Peek (5/1/22)

    Are you ready to worship? Before you show up or log on to Sunday worship – God is already present at church and is desiring you to pour out your life and be blessed and transformed. Before you even thought of what is going to happen – God is ahead planning to show you singing…

  • Sneak Peek (4/24)

    Sneak Peek (4/24)

    Okay, Easter is over. Now what? Jesus is alive. Now what? Life is still hard. Now what? Now What? Join us at 11a in person or online. We will see … now what!

  • Sneak Peek Easter Sunday

    Sneak Peek Easter Sunday

    Hint —- empty tomb Other … eggs, peeps, drama, music & more

  • Sneak Peek (April 3, 2022)

    Sneak Peek (April 3, 2022)

    That’s right. Sunday Worship is almost here!! I’m so excited. This week we begin to wrap up Fishers of Men series and phase into Easter’s His Love is Greater. Join us Live in person at 11am, or online through Facebook Live (Yes, it’s back up!) We will be looking at John 3:16 – the summation…

  • Sneak Peek (3.13.22)

    Sneak Peek (3.13.22)

    We are back to Acts 4 and seeing how evangelism is messy. But it’s worth it. Join us at 11 or online as we see how messy it gets.

  • Sneak Peek for Sunday (3-6-22)

    Sneak Peek for Sunday (3-6-22)

    Worship in Praise, here is our set list. House of the Lord Found in You 1000 Names Oxygen Jesus is Better This weekend, three churches came together to have a weekend for youth of Appomattox – Base Camp. Today, the worship leader for Base Camp, Micah Andrew Hasty, is leading worship music for us and…

  • Sneak Peak (2/27)

    Sneak Peak (2/27)

    The Christian journey would be easier if we didn’t feel guilty for not talking about Jesus. Can we just “live for Jesus” and not fuss over talking about Jesus? Is easy the best way? Join us for autistic on 2/27/22 as we look at this.