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A Song, An Episode, A Statement

Sometimes a song just hits you. You may have heard it multiple times and enjoyed it, but then … a moment, a setting, a circumstance makes the songs just delve into the depths of one’s soul.

Monday, I shared about Not I, But Through Christ in Me (Read that here – only after you finish this article LOL). But this week, it’s another tune that God used.

The artist shares the story behind the tune’s writing. She called Paul Duncan to come over and help – but she just wasn’t in the moment. Tired. Fried. Not feeling it. She shared a little and basically felt she could offer no more – so she left. Upon her return, her team and Duncan had put the basis of the song together. She normally felt she needed to be the strong one, the one holding others up – but this time, her team held her up.

There is more to the story. They recorded it in 2019. But just before the mastering process, she called the producer and said she wanted to redo it. This is not an easy decision and expected her producer to balk. But they redid it and the song came out with more emotion, more depth, more impact.

Then … 2020 hit. Covid. Cancelled concert tours. A year of waiting. The lyrics now meant so much more.

This song’s meaning came alive. Who knew that God would use this song in such a way.

HITTING MY LIFE … This week – in the middle of me binging and catching up on the show 9-1-1 (since so many in my church family are firefighters) – In season 5, episode 9 … Defend in Place … this song was used at one of the most dramatic and emotional moments. Lives on the line, frontline personnel not yielding, fire, drama, angst, hurt. The show did a remarkable twist – outside the burning hospital, Angela Bassett’s character asks the hurting wife of a husband … a husband who was still in surgery … surgery in the burning building … to pray – yes pray. The scene shows them holding hands, and others joining in. The size of the group praying grows … and this song was playing.

It’s a healing song, a hymn for those in pain. It’s personal and private … and yet it’s corporate and family.

The song … Hold On To Me
The Artist … Lauren Daigle

Watch it Here


Lyrics …

When the best of me is barely breathin’
When I'm not somebody I believe in
Hold on to me

When I miss the light the night has stolen
When I'm slammin’ all the doors you've opened
Hold on to me
Hold on to me

Hold on to me when it's too dark to see you
When I am sure I have reached the end
Hold on to me when I forget I need you
When I let go, hold me again

When I don't feel like I'm worth defending
When I'm tired of all my pretending 
Hold on to me

When I start to break in desperation 
Underneath the weight of expectation 
Hold on to me
Hold on to me

Hold on to me when it's too dark to see you (I'll hold on)
When I'm sure I have reached the end 
Hold on to me when I forget I need you (I'll hold on) 
When I let go hold me again

I could rest here in your arms forever
‘Cause I know nobody love me better 
Hold on to me
Hold on to me

Now, I get it doesn’t refer to Jesus directly – and can even be considered a love song. But what of this episode draws people to hear more of Lauren Daigle’s singing and hear clearly about Jesus? What if this episode and song drive people to pray? What if you realize you need to hold on to Jesus that much more? For me – I rest in His arms forever!.

Articles upon which this is based: CCM MagazineFREE CCM

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Some songs have journeys that are amazing. Such is the case for Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

This song has had some really big highs and some really big lows. Written in 1944 by Broadway legend Frank Loesser, the original intent would surprise people. It was written to be sung at their housewarming party as the last song – to indicate to guests it was time for them to leave. It became so delightfully welcomed that it turned into a parlor favorite. And Loesser and his wife, Lynn Garland, became quite popular.

Four years later, he solid the rights to MGM. This was not something that his wife approved of. She told many she was furious, as if her husband cheated on her. But MGM used it and in 1949, the song won an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Greats like Pearl Bailey, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Shore, Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, Bette Miller, Vanessa Williams, Lee Ann Womack, Natalie Cole, Christian Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Amy Grant and so many more have recorded it. Rod Stewart recorded it with Dolly Parton. I still am trying to picture that in my brain but it just doesn’t come together.

Then something happened … a new century, a new outlook, and a new culture has turned the song into a target for the #MeToo movement. Some of the song’s lines have been considered predatory, they even claim it is all about date rape. The daughter of the original author blames this backlash on Bill Cosby. She also said her father would be furious for people to take it with such an intent of maliciousness. It was to be fun. Oh well.

So now, some radio stations and stream services are banning the song. From a party favorite, to Oscar winner, to recordings by greats, to anathema of society.

John Legend rewrote the lyrics to change the questionable lines. He and Kelly Clarkson recorded it. And the family still gets appropriate revenue. It was about taking a delightful tune, keep its fun spirit, make it inoffensive, and keep the song alive. He says he did it not to be preachy but for it to be fun.

Yet, the furor continues. Both sides of the issue seem to be unhappy. I truly think in today’s world, nobody ever seems to be happy.

Happiness is fickle … just like the weather. Fortunately my happiness, my joy, does not reside in circumstances but in the truth that God loves me and is for me. This season reminds me of that so much. It may be cold outside, but there is a baby that came to bring joy … Joy to the world, the Lord has come.