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  • Tears are Warm – THINK on that

    Tears are Warm – THINK on that

    Do you remember Gecko Hawaii shirts and other attire of the 1980s? Well, they are back. With the vintage shirts being seen in the great series Stranger Things, the sell of these retro surfer shirts are going through a revival.  Recently, I ordered one of their ‘hyperflash’ tees. We had a beach theme thing going…

  • Am I An Emotional Wreck?

    Am I An Emotional Wreck?

    I’m going to get a little vulnerable here. It all started when I began to cry. Have you ever been watching a show … from The Dirty Dozen to Star Trek to Disney’s Onward … and just started to have tears flow? I don’t mean those chick flicks or even the Hallmark rom-coms. But the…