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It’s Top Ten Day … And It’s All About The Joker

Every once in a while, on the 10th of the month, I do a top ten. And this month, in honor of Joaquin Phoenix winning the Oscar last night for his role as the Joker, this one is for all the Jokers.

This is the second Oscar for an actor playing the Joker, and both JP and Heath Ledger did superb jobs. Growing up on Adam West, and seeing the comical rendition by Cesar Romero, it has been an unsettling journey to watch this character go deeper and deeper into the darkness of man. This latest version is a whole movie to exploring the darker side. And though Ledger’s performance was hard to top, Phoenix was well up to the task. The sad twist might be that this darkness being highlighted is due to society on a whole being darker. We are not in a Leave It To Beaver world anymore.

Here are few quotes given by Jokers over the years. It’s not really a top ten, for I haven’t see all the Jokers in all the venues (Suicide Squad, animated versions, etc.) but these quotes speak volumes about the Joker and about society …

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there?

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there?

The Joker

This could be about the character or about society. Washington’s division, morality being flipped, political fringes, random violence, Coronavirus, and the addiction to social media … crazy.

But even in the craziness, I know God is still in control.

And so many are hurting, suffering, caught in captivity … on the inside. Maybe we should spend more time helping others than criticizing them.

And I don’t want to be the same as others either. I desire to go against the flow, to walk the path God has set before me, not the path of the world. Life would be boring if we were all the same.

I close with this. And this has two parts. It is true, yet sad. Many can only be their real self if they think there are no consequences, no repercussions, and no judgements by others. The mask frees them from any responsible limitations – such was the lesson from The Invisible Man.

But there is a reverse to this too. Many put on mask so people won’t see the real person inside. They are afraid of the judgement, the consequences, the fallout. So we mask ourselves, our hurts, our pains, our fears.

But let me start your week with a positive truth … God knows your flaws, your failures, your hang ups, your fears. God sees the mess you’ve made and the madness you live with. God sees all that, knows all that, and does not turn away. God still loves you.

And God is the One who never walks away from His children never leaves nor abandons. God is the One who embraces you, muddy mess and all, and He is wise and merciful enough not to leave us that way. Imagine what the character of the Joker would’ve been like if they saw and experienced the transforming love of Christ.

That’s bigger than any award. So let’s show people that love. Let’s be God’s instrument of grace in a crazy world. And let’s do for His glory not mans.

Joker … Inciting Violence?

The movie has already received rave reviews … even creating some Oscar buzz. It digs into the background of the prince of villains. It explores the mind of a character played by some of Hollywood’s elite.

But it has already come with a warning … this movie may inspire violence in a society already plagued with anger and division.

I know all too well we live in broken world. That humanity struggles with a sin nature that leans to the dark and often runs from the light. And I know that bitterness and anger has taken root in many people’s hearts.

The truth is … God knows the real you, and still loves you. And only through Him will you find the best you.

So where do we draw the line? When do we ask industries to ‘fess up’ and be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Hollywood blames the White House, the White House blames the media, the media blames the other side (whatever the other side is to that media outlet), and none ever really take responsibility.

I appreciate art and the stories that are told. I love movies.

So where do we draw the line? What role does parents have in protecting and guarding against unwanted influence?

This is not an expression of censorship, or blame, or justifying any of my actions. It is just pondering of a man with muddy shoes. We all get them.

Maybe the story of the Joker would have taken a different path if someone had shared the hope grace, and love of God with him? Maybe not an Oscar contending movie, but it would be better … it would be an eternity impacting story.

Maybe if we pushed in the other way, madness would be brought back from the ledge

Maybe …

Maybe today, I can be part of the solution. Maybe today, I can show love and reach out to others. Maybe today, I can respond with love when someone lashes out. Maybe today, I can be a help to one that is hurting – be a partner to one in pain – be a blessing to one who feels broken.

Maybe today, you can do that too.

Maybe today.

Then tomorrow … it would be a better.

Side note … happy anniversary to Abbey Road … 50 years ago today, the last Beatles album was released.