Incite, Inspire … Words have Power

Yesterday, I wrote about being a battle hardened warrior. And in light of the events surrounding the Washington chaos (1/6/20), I wonder if I would reword any of the article. Words have power. Some great words of wisdom once were written to show how serious words are ... Death and Life are in the power... Continue Reading →

A Wooden Scrabble Tile

Words hurt. Words can help heal. Words can divide or words can bring together. Words are powerful. In the console of my truck, I keep a letter. Not a written letter, but a wooden Scrabble piece. Some of my Friendship peeps may remember a few years ago we did a revival series on the power... Continue Reading →

I Got Some Advice

I Got Some Advice This week, I got advice from several people.  Now, I truly believe the wise man listens to the counsel of others.  It doesn’t say we have to heed the advice, but we should listen to it.  Now I am not writing about what the content of the advice.  It was some... Continue Reading →

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