Spiritual Snapshot of the Week

This is my newest thread in the ‘Muddy Shoes’ blogs-a-sphere. I want to do an occasional ‘Spiritual Snapshot of the Week.’ It is like a visual image moment of what the whole blog is about. It is seeing God in this world – seeing Him work, seeing His majesty, and seeing the beauty of His creation – kind of a Godly ‘Kodak Moment’ or Spiritual Instagram Shot.

So what do these look like? It may be a flower bloom, the wind blowing the limbs of a tree, a child running to his mother, a group praying around a meal, a sunset, the tide at a beach, a tear at a graveside, the cityscape, a run down building, the steeple of a church in the distance, or countless other possibilities. It is not a picture I saw on social media or the USA Today pictures of the week – nope. It will be something I witnessed personally. So your Spiritual Snapshot will be unique to you – and I would love to see snap shots from  your week as well.

Now this week, I came up with the idea too late to pull out my iPhone and take a shot (actually I did take one picture – and it was a great moment, but it is not the one I am going to list.)

This week – I am going for the easy one – a sunrise. Note: I didn’t take the picture (To be honest, I was driving. So to take the picture would’ve been illegal and unsafe.) So since I didn’t take the picture, I will steal one from Jason Yopp’s Instagram – and he posts lots of sunrise or sunset images. The image attached is ripped directly from his social media – so thanks Yopp.

The beauty of a sunrise is something that points us to the artistic Creator. The sunrise reminds us that God joy is new every morning. And this sunrise really hit home. I was driving home from the over-night shift at the hotel. I was tired and frustrated from some difficult guest issues. I missed being with Lisa so much because of our schedule. And, I was feeling a bit in a slump. Then as I traveled Dallas North Tollway, I looked to the East.  I saw some colorful rays breaking through the clouds.  I saw the majestic light crest the horizon. I saw a reminder that God is still on the throne – For from Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things.

This sunrise did more than just bring physical light – it brought me Spiritual renewal as well. I need more of these – And I truly believe, so do you.

So keep your camera ready. And when you see that Spiritual Snapshot – take a picture and share it with your fam, your friends, and all your peeps.







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