Friday’s Friends (#4)

Increasing Number of Earthquakes. Plague of Locusts. Apocalyptic Fires. Wars and Rumors of Wars. Israel Peace Treaties. It’s all sounds so ... Biblical. Are these headlines showing us signs of the times? Or is it all just coincidence? Society today seems to be getting worse and worse. And in a world overflowing with information on… Continue reading Friday’s Friends (#4)

It’s a Political Battle, Still Waging

September 17th. There was a problem. People were arguing about their voice being heard. Weaknesses in the laws yielded political unrest. Reform was being called for. Some were saying government needed an overhaul. Armed mobs stormed the towns. Politicians were arguing, lines had been drawn in the sand, and tempers flared. Some deals were finally… Continue reading It’s a Political Battle, Still Waging

We’re Gonna Need Some Laughs

Harry Potter gave a great line when he was supporting the Weasley twin’s endeavor to open the joke ship ... Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes (which is actually a shop in Orlando I’m told.) Basically he told his close companions “We’re all gonna need a few laughs before this is all over.” (My paraphrase) This is not… Continue reading We’re Gonna Need Some Laughs

She was so Excited to be on the Trails

Don’t tell my wife, but I was looking at the cutest babe yesterday. I went hiking and hit the Otter Creek Trail area on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It wasn’t a long hike, but any time on the mountains is worth the trip. It wasn’t too crowded having only a scattering of fellowship nature lovers… Continue reading She was so Excited to be on the Trails