A New President & A Field of Flags

Today is historical. The transfer of power will be made official as the two new individuals take their oath of office and we begin a new 4 years of Presidential leadership. New chapter for our country is beginning. We pray for the success of the nation, to practice the principle of equality that beholds the... Continue Reading →

Once upon a time … a gift was born!

Once upon a time, there was the first born child of a magical family. The father was a minstrel that had travelled around Nashville, but settled down to the noble profession of royal messenger. The mother, who wooed the minstrel from his frolicking in music, was tender, caring, and precious. She assisted many on their... Continue Reading →

This Scripture Scared Me!

The day was going well. Breakfast, refreshing shower, way ahead of schedule with work, and pretty good weather outside. But BAM, I got hit in the head (metaphorically) by the Word of God. I’m sitting here reading my daily Proverbs, when one of the text just pierced my mind. He who justifies the wicked and... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Friends (#5)

Every once in a while I pass along a writer that I think you might be blessed by. This week, it’s a friend, a fellow Virginian, a child advocate, mother, teacher, chaplain with Marketplace Chaplains, and so much more. Her writings are honest and God honoring, introspective and people focused. We could gain wisdom from... Continue Reading →

Crazy Church (part 2)

Prologue: This article was taken from another website, memes and all. But it was just too good to change. Yesterday, I mentioned distractions in church. Here is a great article that humorously looks at this issu ... 15 Things That Make Church People Crazy Mad By Brian Orme - September 14, 2015 This fun list is meant to... Continue Reading →

Crazy Church

Growing up, church was a mandatory event, being the preacher’s kid and all. But going to church didn’t mean I worshipped. (More on that later). And now as a preacher, I have the best view of the pew sitters to see who is distracted. This week, I picked up to reread Mark Twain’s The Adventures... Continue Reading →

Mind Your Own Beeswax

Privacy is hard to find these days. With phones recording everything, with cameras in every store, on every corner, and with everybody knowing every bodies business ... it’s tough. And while we are to be looking out for others, helping people o need, seeking biblical justice, where do we draw the line as to avoid... Continue Reading →

Three Simple Questions

I said it. You probably said it. It was a crazy thing to say to tempt fate. May we never say again, “I’m so glad it’s 2021, for it can’t be any worse than 2020!” And then Wednesday happened. Three Kings Day, Epiphany, the end of the 12 Days of Christmas, and now ... the... Continue Reading →

Incite, Inspire … Words have Power

Yesterday, I wrote about being a battle hardened warrior. And in light of the events surrounding the Washington chaos (1/6/20), I wonder if I would reword any of the article. Words have power. Some great words of wisdom once were written to show how serious words are ... Death and Life are in the power... Continue Reading →

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