A Picture Is Worth …

Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.Col 1.27-28 Be warned. Be educated. Be encouraged. - God is with you, God is for you, God loves you.

Who is comfortable in your church?

We go a long way to make people comfortable at church - heating, padded seats, ample room, proper sound equipment, kids and nursery programs so parents can be distraction free, seeker sensitive, guest friendly, Covid Proactive measures, and so on. But sometimes we make it too comfortable for things that may be culturally unhealthy. After... Continue Reading →

PastorDude’s Podcast #4

As a young 3 year old - Calvin decided to hide at church. Ands like Mary & Joseph looked for Jesus, we looked for my son. Fortunately, it didn't take 3 days to find him. Looking for and using Teachable Moments ... 7min listen. Click the artwork below or here to open the audio player.... Continue Reading →

Am I An Emotional Wreck?

I’m going to get a little vulnerable here. It all started when I began to cry. Have you ever been watching a show ... from The Dirty Dozen to Star Trek to Disney’s Onward ... and just started to have tears flow? I don’t mean those chick flicks or even the Hallmark rom-coms. But the... Continue Reading →

Inconvenience of a Rescue

It was a pain. And I was stuck in the middle of it.The situation was not ideal. People were getting fed up and turning around - leaving the situation in their rear view mirror. How would you feel? Saturday, my wife and I headed to Glasgow (Virginia, not Scotland) and then on up to Natural... Continue Reading →

Mars & Perseverance

What did you collect as a kid? For my son, I have hundreds of Beanie Babies (mostly the bats and dinosaurs). He also had Pokemon cards and thousands of NFL cards. I told him all of this was his college savings - and yet, we never cashed in. I did give away the Pokemon cards... Continue Reading →

Warming Centers

There is a new phrase popping up in my circle of awareness. The concept is not new, but it has now been tagged with a nomenclature I had not heard before. And it is pretty cool. Warming Centers. In this frigid ice storm hitting all over the country, people are being slammed pretty hard. It... Continue Reading →

Three Days from Mayhem

What is the longest you’ve been without power? A few days? A week? What does it do to you? How do you react to the situation and to people around you? I’ve done about a week in Louisiana (major hurricane magnet that state.) Other times, just a day or so. Yet, we always seem to... Continue Reading →

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