My Kind of Eulogy

Have you ever wondered what they’ll say at your funeral? For me, I want levity, laughter, and a little musical jam session. Talk about my passions, my love for Lisa, my legacy in my son, my weird sense of humor and how this life was just a warmup for eternity in heaven. No tears. No… Continue reading My Kind of Eulogy

A New Job Title, or Maybe I’ll Stick with the Old One

“Hardcore Devil Stomping Ninja“ Intro: stick with me ... this has more to do with all of us, not just my job title. “Hardcore Devil Stomping Ninja!” What a great job title. It just rolls off the tongue. I can see it on my new business card. And then there is the row of pastors’… Continue reading A New Job Title, or Maybe I’ll Stick with the Old One

Who is this all about?

Warning. This is a political topic. Take heart. This is not a political rant. Stay with me. Tuesday, Attorney General Barr went before a House committee for a hearing. Both red and blue congressmen and congresswomen got their say in, and they all said a lot. Prewritten speeches, twisted questions, political slams, and direct innuendoes.… Continue reading Who is this all about?

Make the Effort to Make a Connection

She’s trapped, alone, and scared. Isolated by COVID, she has not seen family members for almost five months. They bring her meals and keep everyone separated. He lives alone, having been widowed just over a year ago. Though his family is large, the pandemic keeps most of them away. A young couple lives their life… Continue reading Make the Effort to Make a Connection

Some Things Come to an End … Some Things Don’t

I’m not sure when it started dripping. But yesterday, I know when it stopped dripping. I didn’t see it start but I saw it end. The story ... It started off as a normal Saturday morning. I headed to the normal diner for my normal order. But just one mile from home, normal took a… Continue reading Some Things Come to an End … Some Things Don’t