Is Resolve Enough?

Mcabee RockOsprey Stratus 24 with Hydration Reservoir.  Salomon water proof hiking boots.  Wigwam socks.  ExOfficia wicking shirt.  Wool hybrid sweater.   UA Base Layer outfit.  Kuhl Hiking Pants.  Spyder beanie.  REI wool scarf.  Custom made knife by DDetwiler.  Trail Mix, Nature Valley bars, and a small can of Beanie Weenies (always eat when I reach the apex of a hike). State and National Park Pass.  Subscription to Backpacker.  Map Apps, GPS, and camera on my phone.  4WD 4 Runner.  And mountains to my west.  But I am not hiking.

I realize I am no professional, and I have a tendency to avoid thru-hikes.  I am not into the whole camping thing – maybe more of a glamper.  But I am sitting at home not taking advantage of the nearness of nature.  Why?

I have all the equipment (Well, mostly.  I still have a few items on my wish list).  I have the experience of knowing the excitement.  I have the environment.  I have the energy.  And I have the … I have run out of ‘e’ words.  Why am I not out there?

Having all those things does doesn’t make me a hiker.  To be a hiker, well, you have to hike.

Scores of Bibles, hundreds of books, thousands of praise/worship/music tracks,  pages from a 1st edition KJV and Geneva Bible, 3.9 religion degrees, ministry vocation, godly wife, 3 generations of preachers, and more – but these don’t make a person who walks in a godly manner.  To do that, well, I have to actually do it myself.

This is not about being a Christian, for that is only by faith through grace.  This about walking in a manner worthy of my calling.  The degrees, the pedigree, vocation, and the past experience are not the issue – the issue is right here, right now.  How will I walk in said manner?  I have to just do it.  I have to resolve in my heart.  But I also have to act on it directly.  Intent is not enough – but it starts there.

So today, I resolve to spend time with the Savior who loves me, I resolve to show kindness and grace, I resolve to care for people around me, and I resolve to … well, you get it.  But I will go beyond resolve, and I will act on it.

What about you?

Side note – I am headed to the mountains soon – don’t you doubt it.






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