Wide Open Spaces

From my trip in Utah … near Moab

Yep, a Dixie Chick song. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Yep, a Worship Central song. But again, not exactly the topic. Read on and be encouraged.

Have you ever felt trapped, boxed in? Maybe chained up and held in a tiny little restrained area? Maybe your distress is overwhelming, and your life seems to on the edge of utter defeat? I am not talking physically, though that may be the case as well. I am talking emotionally, vocationally, spiritually, and more. Let me give you some uplifting news.

Psalms 18.19 tells us God places us in a spacious place, or a broad place.

He rescues us. Do you get this? This phrase, spacious place, occurs in a few other places as well. Job 30.15-16 expands it and says He gets us out of distress, free from restraint, and at a table laden with food.

As we focus on Him and His love for us, this world seems to seem less and less a restraint. Our jobs are not about pleasing our boss (or church members) but about bringing Him delight. I have one boss … and I serve Him.

Health issues? They are temporary and God doesn’t look down on us. He will even use what the world says is a handicap.

Calvin, on our trip to Enchanted Rock, Texas

The word used comes from a word that means to breath freely, to have ample room, to be refreshed. This is key. No anxiety attacks if you grasp He is in control. You can breath freely for God’s got it all in His hands.


Movie example … The Electric Cowboy. Robert Redford, a washed up rodeo hero, steals a prize racehorse that is being drugged, shown for profit, and thrust in front of cameras … restrained and in distress. Redford takes the horse on a journey to set him free in the wide open spaces in America country (some beautiful scenery in Utah and other places.). In the end, this was not only about freeing the horse, but himself as well.

I think we all search for that spacious place. The wonderful news is we can find it in our relationship with God. I hope today, you realize this.

So, I wrap this up and go turn on Dixie Chicks on iTunes. Have a great day.





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