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For All Generations

Last year I posted the Declaration of Independence. And what a great declaration it is. So this year, it is the Preamble to the Constitution.

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

In this great work of legal documentation, we see what our forefathers desired in this great experiment. May we continue to strive in this and future generations as well.

Wide Open Spaces

From my trip in Utah … near Moab

Yep, a Dixie Chick song. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Yep, a Worship Central song. But again, not exactly the topic. Read on and be encouraged.

Have you ever felt trapped, boxed in? Maybe chained up and held in a tiny little restrained area? Maybe your distress is overwhelming, and your life seems to on the edge of utter defeat? I am not talking physically, though that may be the case as well. I am talking emotionally, vocationally, spiritually, and more. Let me give you some uplifting news.

Psalms 18.19 tells us God places us in a spacious place, or a broad place.

He rescues us. Do you get this? This phrase, spacious place, occurs in a few other places as well. Job 30.15-16 expands it and says He gets us out of distress, free from restraint, and at a table laden with food.

As we focus on Him and His love for us, this world seems to seem less and less a restraint. Our jobs are not about pleasing our boss (or church members) but about bringing Him delight. I have one boss … and I serve Him.

Health issues? They are temporary and God doesn’t look down on us. He will even use what the world says is a handicap.

Calvin, on our trip to Enchanted Rock, Texas

The word used comes from a word that means to breath freely, to have ample room, to be refreshed. This is key. No anxiety attacks if you grasp He is in control. You can breath freely for God’s got it all in His hands.


Movie example … The Electric Cowboy. Robert Redford, a washed up rodeo hero, steals a prize racehorse that is being drugged, shown for profit, and thrust in front of cameras … restrained and in distress. Redford takes the horse on a journey to set him free in the wide open spaces in America country (some beautiful scenery in Utah and other places.). In the end, this was not only about freeing the horse, but himself as well.

I think we all search for that spacious place. The wonderful news is we can find it in our relationship with God. I hope today, you realize this.

So, I wrap this up and go turn on Dixie Chicks on iTunes. Have a great day.

Fences, Fun & Freedom

For Wednesday, April 4

Kids, you have to love watching little ones. I had to run to Prestonwood North to take Calvin something (more on that later) and I got to stop and watch the preschoolers just having a grand ol’ time on the playground. Laughter, smiles, and a whole lot of happiness. I then proceeded to go to Chik-fil-A and watched the kids on their play area as well. Before you call the police about a stalker, I was enjoying seeing life unencumbered by worries, politics, and constant barrage of vexing news. Kids just, well, had fun. The only thing that seemed to cause dismay was when grandma tried to get them to leave the play area to go home. I mean, who really ever wants to stop having fun. (It took forever to ever get Calvin out of the pool when we went swimming in his early days)

It reminded me of the study of playgrounds and fences. When there is a fence, kids will run and play in the entire area. They feel safe, know the limits, and take advantage of the entire play space. When there was no fence, kids had a tendency to huddle near the center, or around the teachers. They wanted to feel safe. It is interesting that we seem to feel free when we know the limitations.

Dawson McAllister once talked about productivity and motion in life using the illustration of a train. The train may look into the fields and think it would be great to be over there and hang out with the cows. It may think life would be better if he could just get off the tracks and go wherever he wanted. But to jump the tracks would bring disaster – a literal train wreck. But if the train learns to work within the guidelines of the tracks, it can move, explore, and fulfill the purpose for which it was created.

I think humans are like this. When we realize God knows what is best, that He sets guidelines for us, it is then we can truly reach the potential for which we were made. ((Okay, this is not about limiting the imagination or creativity of mankind, but to understand that the liberty God gives is not a liberty to do anything)) Maybe if we tried to live within His guidelines we would find real freedom. Do you feel life is kind of a train wreck? Maybe we’ve gotten away from the standard God has for us. Challenge: What areas do you need to give back to God and stop trying to do things your way?

POST SCRIPT THOUGHT – Calvin texted and requested some items to be taken to his workplace. Being the loving father who would do anything for his son, of course I helped. I mean, I drove to Taco Bell in a blizzard for dinner, what is a little work run. I thought of the requests we take to God. How He loves us. Now, He is not a magic lamp granting wishes (sorry Aladdin) but He does hear and loves us greatly. As it has been said – Pray Boldly, Pray Believing!