Lisa Watches Aquaman …

I would like to think it was for the wonderful action, the heroic lifestyle, the good guy wins, the story of true love between the lighthouse keeper and the queen, and such. It might be she was looking at Jason Mamoa and then looking at me. I told her I would get tattoos if that would mean I would be more like him. She just turned back to the screen.

But one thing that I did notice was the obvious parallels with the King Arthur legends of Britannia.

  • The obvious is their name … Arthur. That is a given.
  • A quest, A search for a holy Grail, or in this case, a powerful trident.
  • One who comes from two worlds and is the unifier of two worlds.
  • A grand mantra. In Arthur of legend, it’s “not might makes right, but might for right.This shows the king and his knights for all of the kingdom. In the DC world, it was, “the king fights for his own people, but a hero fights for everybody.”

Aquaman … a great tale of a hero with unusual power. Sometimes we wish we had some distinct superpower … flight, talk to fish, speed, teleportation, mind control. Me, maybe I could just look more like Jason M. I’d be happy.

But I do have a supernatural power … and so do you. In the troubles, distress, and stresses of life, we can talk to the Man Himself. We have direct assess to God almighty. Think about this … you can approach His throne boldly. Direct access.

I heard a famous pastor once share a story of how during his morning study routine, the President of the US (Jimmy Carter then) called. His personal assistant took a message and said he couldn’t be disturbed during his study time. Then about 10 minutes later, the pastor’s two boys bounced into the office and walked right into dad’s study … just waving at the assistant. That’s access. And God’s children have it. It’s not about how important you are, you’re earthly pedigree, or how much you are worth … it’s all about being His child.

Now that is comforting. That is empowering. And that is a supernatural power. Do you have it? Do you use it? He wants to hear from you … today.






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