If You’re Prayed Up, You Don’t Need to Pray Long!?

If you’re prayed up, you don’t need to pray long. I’ve been told this before, and even have used it. The quote may sound weird, but I think what it is emphasizing is that some people overlook personal prayer time and use corporate time in their stead. I have been in prayer services where it … Continue reading If You’re Prayed Up, You Don’t Need to Pray Long!?

Back to School – a Prayer for All

It’s back to school time. Frisco ISD starts today! For the past few weeks, teams of teachers have gathered for lunch at the magical nuggets store. You would think with so many teachers in our presence, the bovine that adorn our walls would learn to spell. But no, phonetic writing is their trademark. It has … Continue reading Back to School – a Prayer for All

Jesus and John Legend

Jesus Christ, Superstar. This 2018 version of the 1971 Weber production was spectacular in so many ways and disappointing in others. Legend’s voice was so smooth and powerful. Judas was portrayed with passion and made a connection to everyone of us that often struggles with understanding why things do not go our way. Sara Bareilles … Continue reading Jesus and John Legend