Call to Pray

Pray when you feel like it. Pray when you don’t feel like it. Pray ‘till you feel like it. - Stephen Olford So many things we could do in the 1440 minutes you have today. But little can be more important that prayer. Will you pray?

E-Day plus 1

Midweek moment with an election twist. It’s the day after. And some votes are still being counted. Election Day +1. And I share a prayer. A prayer by the first President. His words ring true still today ... Prayer for the United States of America "Almighty God; We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt... Continue Reading →

Why Does God Even Care?

Today I just want to share a quick Thursday Thought. Give me two minutes and you might just be encouraged all day long. As I’m reading through Unshakable Hope, the author profoundly challenges the reader not just to know the promises of God, but live our life based on the promises. And based off James... Continue Reading →

Twenty Seconds Tuesday

Outside of Scripture, there are only a handful of quotes that have impacted my life profoundly. Here is one of them. Heard from Stephen Olford ... Take it to heart people. Pray more. Pray often. Just pray.

Knock Knock

Thursday’s Thirty Second Thought Provoker (okay, maybe 60 seconds) I’m a strong advocate for the power of prayer. We take our burdens, requests, cares, and problems. We lift our praises and give our thanks. But we shouldn’t stop there. I’ve been challenged from the life of Nehemiah. When he heard that Jerusalem was in ruins,... Continue Reading →

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