Amber Alert … #MyPhoneGetsMe – Number 5 of 5

Alert. Warning. Pay attention. Klaxons going off. Danger Will Robinson. The sound happens and it makes our hearts jump. We tune our senses to high alert and we pick up our phone to see what is trying to get our attention. Two weeks ago, an acquaintance had their teenage daughter disappear in the middle of… Continue reading Amber Alert … #MyPhoneGetsMe – Number 5 of 5

Why Does God Even Care?

Today I just want to share a quick Thursday Thought. Give me two minutes and you might just be encouraged all day long. As I’m reading through Unshakable Hope, the author profoundly challenges the reader not just to know the promises of God, but live our life based on the promises. And based off James… Continue reading Why Does God Even Care?

Vile Figs and More on a Monday Morning

I cursed my city. I cursed them with vile figs. I found this great graphic. You can see all their ‘vile figs’ products here. I started with the best of intentions. But we know what road is paved with those, don’t we? I had planned and prepared for our group to show we care for… Continue reading Vile Figs and More on a Monday Morning

Prayers of the Broken Hearted

Before Nehemiah prayed about rebuilding the broken walls, he first prayed for a healing of the broken people - including himself. Are you more concerned about the “nation” or about the people? About events or about lives? Is the burden in your prayers more about the church building and numbers or about the individuals and… Continue reading Prayers of the Broken Hearted

Two Minute Tuesday – A Simple Challenge

The city was in chaos. The people had no real leadership. Confusion and brokenness and they had forgotten God and we’re living in shame. This is how they described Jerusalem to Nehemiah. He didn’t complain. He didn’t whine and act all superior. He didn’t get on a high horse and post on Facebook or Twitter.… Continue reading Two Minute Tuesday – A Simple Challenge

The Victory before the Victory – Friday, Holy Week Minute 5

Easter. Where sin was defeated on the cross. Where death was defeated with an empty tomb. The victory that changes everything. But there was another victory. A victory that should not be overlooked. The setting - a garden. The time - in the darkest hours of early morning. The battlefield - prayer. The battle -… Continue reading The Victory before the Victory – Friday, Holy Week Minute 5