Week of Prayer: Day 6 of 8

We often think of Mexican or Canadian missions. Maybe even the territories. But much of North American missions takes place in the 50 United States. Our cities have millions that need to hear the gospel. Let’s look at one city – Denver.

Denver is not huge. A little over 700,000 reside in the county. But there is only about 1 evangelical church for every 32,000 residents. Wow! A lot of work for those churches.

But missions is more than numbers and statistics. It really is about relationships.

Into Denver we have sent Briana McKinney.

While there is only one evangelical church for every 32,000 people in Denver, Colorado, the ratio of marijuana dispensaries to residents is one for every 2,000. Young professionals and families are moving to Denver from all over the world, but they’re struggling to find real community here. But as #AnnieArmstrong featured missionary Brianna McKinney serves alongside church plants and compassion ministries in Denver, she’s seeing people’s lives change through gospel-centered relationships. Join us on Day 6 of this Week of Prayer, in praying for perseverance for Briana and her team as they share Christ’s love with this city.

For Denver and Dallas and Duncanville and every other city – we are thankful for Briana and every missionary working to reach lives for the gospel.





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