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Week of Prayer: Day 6 of 8

We often think of Mexican or Canadian missions. Maybe even the territories. But much of North American missions takes place in the 50 United States. Our cities have millions that need to hear the gospel. Let’s look at one city – Denver.

Denver is not huge. A little over 700,000 reside in the county. But there is only about 1 evangelical church for every 32,000 residents. Wow! A lot of work for those churches.

But missions is more than numbers and statistics. It really is about relationships.

Into Denver we have sent Briana McKinney.

While there is only one evangelical church for every 32,000 people in Denver, Colorado, the ratio of marijuana dispensaries to residents is one for every 2,000. Young professionals and families are moving to Denver from all over the world, but they’re struggling to find real community here. But as #AnnieArmstrong featured missionary Brianna McKinney serves alongside church plants and compassion ministries in Denver, she’s seeing people’s lives change through gospel-centered relationships. Join us on Day 6 of this Week of Prayer, in praying for perseverance for Briana and her team as they share Christ’s love with this city.

For Denver and Dallas and Duncanville and every other city – we are thankful for Briana and every missionary working to reach lives for the gospel.

Week of Prayer: Day 5 of 8

Canada – our dear friends to the north. A land of great diversity and secularism. The need for the proclamation of the gospel is of paramount importance.

Just off the door in St. Catharines is about 400,000 residents and tens of thousands of tourists.

Into this world, we introduce e the Martins.

Nearly 90% of the more than 400,000 residents living in Canada’s Niagara region have no belief
in God. Since planting Sevilla Chapel in 2019, missionaries Steven and Cindy Martins have been strategically and intentionally going door-to-door in the city of St. Catharines. They’ve been sharing the gospel, and people are listening. On Day 5 of the #AnnieArmstrong Week of Prayer, pray for God to continue to open doors and hearts for the gospel in this challenging community.

May we pray, give and go all across North America.

We’ve got

Week of Prayer: Day 3 of 8

Puerto Rico – or “rich port.” Is a small island but it’s the run capital of the world. English is the official language. About 70% is Roman Catholic yet thousands need to hear the true gospel of Jesus.

Into this culture, we introduce Itamar Elizalde.

Economic crisis, devastating hurricanes, relentless earthquakes and, most recently, a world-wide pandemic – the residents of Puerto Rico live in crisis mode. Many have little-to-no hope. It was on a short-term mission trip with her church that God broke Itamar Elizalde’s heart for the island and called her to stay. On Day 3 of the #AnnieArmstrong Week of Prayer, we’re praying for Itamar as she leads mission teams and coordinates with church plants to meet needs and boldly proclaim the message of gospel hope to those who have none.

Every penny. Every dollar given to this mission offering goes directly to work on the mission field. All administration costs are already covered. Wow.

When we reach North America with the gospel, we are reaching the world. As we launch a new season of giving to the #AnnieArmstrong Easter Offering, we’re excited to share the missionaries’ stories and see the generous ways our church family gives this season!