DWTS Snags a Politician, a Laker, and a Supreme

The list is out. And I didn’t make it. But that’s pretty good … I don’t dance. I didn’t even hit the dance floor at my prom … pretty lame for me. I am so sorry for my date, I should’ve been better.

So Dancing With the Stars gave me a pass again … for the 28th time.

The list for the 28th season includes Sean Spencer … the real one, not the one from SNL. Though I would tune in if the two danced together. From the White House to the Waltz. He tapped danced around topics with reporters, he should do well. Lamar Odom made the list. He will have to out do the NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis. Hollywood representatives like James Van Dee Beek (Dawson’s Creek), Kate Flannery (The Office) and Kel Mitchell (All That) made the cut. There are others, and I applaud and wish them well.

Though I might be pulling for the Co-founder of The Supremes … Mary Wilson. Will she dance to Someday We’ll be Together?

Dancing has been on my mind lately. Tiff & Calvin have their blissful date in less than two months. And yes, there will be dancing. But there is 99.9999999% chance I will NOT be on that dance floor. Estes men just don’t dance. Lisa even mocks my attempts. No mercy that one.

But Calvin learned. It’s their story. She asked him to dance, and he said he didn’t know how (a genetic predisposition). She said she would teach him … and the rest is history. This summer, when they visited – they danced in front of my mother. She applauded and asked if Calvin was adopted … again, Estes men just don’t dance.

But … I truly believe we all can learn anything if the passion is strong enough. He may never be on DWTS, but he is now a regular on the dance floor with her. And that made the difference.

I truly believe we all can learn anything if the passion is strong enough

What are you passionate about? What in your life is worth learning?

Now, if you excuse me. I think I may go watch Footloose. There is still that .0000001% chance, so I better get motivated. Nobody puts Todd in a corner!





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