Spy Wednesday – Holy Week Hump Day

Three days before the cross. A day that many traditions recognize the “spy” amongst the disciples - Judas. Just the name brings sadness, scorn, shivers and shaking of heads. We ask how anyone could have been so close to Jesus and do such abominable acts. Did he do it out of jealousy? Out of a… Continue reading Spy Wednesday – Holy Week Hump Day

Yes, Another Article on the Impeachment, Kindof

Some of my earliest memories of American politics were in the early 70s when I was living in northern Virginia. I remember the TV and papers were obsessed with a hotel name Watergate. I don’t remember caring. I would rather ride my bike and explore Prince William National Park. I miss those days of simplicity… Continue reading Yes, Another Article on the Impeachment, Kindof

DWTS Snags a Politician, a Laker, and a Supreme

The list is out. And I didn't make it. But that's pretty good ... I don't dance. I didn't even hit the dance floor at my prom ... pretty lame for me. I am so sorry for my date, I should've been better. So Dancing With the Stars gave me a pass again ... for… Continue reading DWTS Snags a Politician, a Laker, and a Supreme