Yes, Another Article on the Impeachment, Kindof

Some of my earliest memories of American politics were in the early 70s when I was living in northern Virginia. I remember the TV and papers were obsessed with a hotel name Watergate. I don’t remember caring. I would rather ride my bike and explore Prince William National Park. I miss those days of simplicity and being carefree even in a tumultuous time.

Let me start with the bottom line … people are passionate. Dems are passionate to stop Trump. Republicans are passionate to stop the Democrats. I am passionate to move on.

I watched some of the hearing. I listened and read and digested. It seems a lot is built on second hand discussions, personal insights, and taking what they have heard through a worldview filter that is already loaded with presuppositions (both sides).

The news outlets say there are several takeaways … we heard more second hand information, many people disagree with Trump’s point of view, by letting lawyers speak this reduced grandstanding – but often left people scratching their head over what they were really asking, the Democrat’s case is complicated, the Republican’s case is crying conspiracy ….. and I am more concerned about helping people deal with loss, struggles, funerals, surgery, and life.

So why write about it? I want to encourage you to think about passion. What are you passionate about? What gets you excited? Christmas is coming, does that make you smile or grimace? College football? Learning Hebrew?

What would churches look like if people were as passionate about living for God as people are about being pro Trump or never Trump? What could we accomplish if we put our resources and energy into helping people as opposed to tearing people down?

So I close with a few things about which I am passionate. I would love to hear some thoughts on what you are passionate about too.

Me, in no particular order …

  • Digging into the Word and sharing it in fresh, applicable ways
  • Spending time with my wife just watching her study, relax, and smile
  • Writing this blog … mostly for me but I hope you enjoy as well
  • Walking a trail in the mountains … ones I’ve never hiked before get me even more stoked
  • Praising God in an energetic and passionate worship venue
  • Enjoying a good book with a smooth, full bodied cup of coffee or cocoa

What about you?

Have a blessed day filled with passion.





2 responses to “Yes, Another Article on the Impeachment, Kindof”

  1. momslovelearning Avatar

    It reminds me of an essay I had to write as a student. The title was “Is passion natural?”
    However, in the essay title, passion had a much more restrictive meaning than in your post. I think passion may be used much more generally in English than in my native language. For instance, I love many of the activities you are listing but I would not call them a passion. Reading a good book will make me relaxed and happy. Passion is something more extreme to me.

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    1. Todd K Estes Avatar

      True, passion can encompass so much
      I listed these because I truly want to do these things, will talk about these things, and would sacrifice for these things
      But do they get my adrenaline pumping? Maybe
      But I love your response – thanks

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