Spend a Little Time with the Opposition

Red - Blue. Left - Right. Christian - Secular. ProLife - ProChoice. FaceBook - Parlor. Coke - Pepsi. Granny Bees - Rail Yard. We find a lot of reasons to separate ourselves, reasons to divide. Our culture already is preparing to punish those that oppose the agenda of whatever side has affluence. We are in… Continue reading Spend a Little Time with the Opposition

Who is this all about?

Warning. This is a political topic. Take heart. This is not a political rant. Stay with me. Tuesday, Attorney General Barr went before a House committee for a hearing. Both red and blue congressmen and congresswomen got their say in, and they all said a lot. Prewritten speeches, twisted questions, political slams, and direct innuendoes.… Continue reading Who is this all about?

John Denver Was a Prophet

Almost heaven, West Virginia. Blue Ridge Mountains. Shenandoah River. I love my home state. Virginia. History. Mountains. Beaches. Country. City. Good folks from all walks of life. But years ago, there was a little spat between the North and South that caused the western part of the state to break off and form their own… Continue reading John Denver Was a Prophet

Yes, Another Article on the Impeachment, Kindof

Some of my earliest memories of American politics were in the early 70s when I was living in northern Virginia. I remember the TV and papers were obsessed with a hotel name Watergate. I don’t remember caring. I would rather ride my bike and explore Prince William National Park. I miss those days of simplicity… Continue reading Yes, Another Article on the Impeachment, Kindof

Modern Politics: Food Fight …

The 2020 election is already in full swing. Twenty plus candidates have already thrown their name in the ring for the Democratic Party. In in the past two nights, they debated in two shifts (10 each night). Being in the California timezone, the debates were late here on the east coast. So, I went to… Continue reading Modern Politics: Food Fight …