John Denver Was a Prophet

Almost heaven, West Virginia. Blue Ridge Mountains. Shenandoah River.

I love my home state. Virginia. History. Mountains. Beaches. Country. City. Good folks from all walks of life. But years ago, there was a little spat between the North and South that caused the western part of the state to break off and form their own state – West Virginia (originally, it was going to be called Kanawha, but that’s another story.)

Now, 150 later, Virginia is in another spat. The nation is watching us closely. It’s not the same spat as that one years ago, but some people are just as riled up. This time, our state government is making bold moves that is pitting gun control vs gun ownership. This issue is huge right now and maybe I’ll touch on it another date, but right now I will return to John Denver.

You see, in 1971 Denver released his signature song that went to #2 on Billboard … Take Me Hime, Country Roads. It is said to be about West Virginia. But is it? I give that the mountain range goes through multiple states, but the river is in Virginia. Did Denver get it wrong? Many have debated his original intent. Maybe he was prophetic.

There is a little humorous story brewing on the sidelines during this little squabble going on in Richmond, our state capital. Almost 100 counties have declared themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries. But the state government is ignoring that, increasing budget with an expectation of larger prison population, and moving forward on extreme gun control. And because of this, WV has invited any and all counties that desire to go ahead and secede from VA and join them as part of the great state of WV.

You Gotta Love Virginia Politics!

I live in a county that declares itself as the place “where the nation was reunited.” Maybe it will also be the place “where the state was divided, again.”

I am not sure what will happen. Not sure where the line will be drawn (on gun issues as well as state lines). But in all of it, I will focus on loving people and sharing God’s Grace. I will be content in whatever state I am in. I may be wearing a VT or UVA shirt … or maybe a WV Mountaineer hat. I am just glad it’s not one with a Kawahna Kollege logo.

Kingdoms come and kingdoms go, but God’s Kingdom is forever. Praise the name of the Lord.





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